In 25 words or less

This was a Q asked on another forum about MAV which was really useful:

In 25 words or less, what have you found effective for MAV? For me:

Regular sleep - same time to bed every day; avoidance of food triggers; stress avoidance; exercise; low dose paxil; valium when needed; Bernstein book.

To be as unuseful as possible. . .

What I have found most effective for MAV is MSG, lack of sleep, and maybe Code Red air quality.

(for getting rid of MAV, of course, suitable exercise, sleep, careful eating and drinking, . . .yawn.

Topamax. When some dizziness does break through (mostly mild now, fortunately): try not to move my head fast from side to side, or nod.

In no specific order except the meds are no 1…
Nortripytiline, no early morning waking, diet, no stress ,no arguments , never being hungry , no reading on any travel, hormone supplements, Dr S.


Low-carb diet; avoid MSG, nitrates, and aspartame; be careful with caffeine, onions, garlic, and chocolate; regular sleep; relax; take Zonegran, Zoloft, Adderall, and supplements;

Klonopin; Topamax; Magnesium; B2; naproxen sodium; regular amounts of sleep; knowing my top triggers and adjusting my environment (e.g.: lights); staying hydrated; moderation of trigger foods and drink; finding a doctor who is knowledgable about MAV/migraine; this chat site!

Regular Sleep, same time to bed everyday, much less Chocolate, MSG, Alcohol, Caffeine, & Stress. Don’t skip meals… Exercise regulary. Xanex & Verapamil helps.