Increasing med dosage?

What are the general opinions on increasing med dosage? I’m on Nortriptyline 10mg and have been for just under 2 weeks
I’m meant to increase by 10mg every 3-4 weeks if side effects arent too bothersome…Only thing is, I havent noticed any side effects at all so I’m thinking of increasing faster (ie every week) if alls OK

Am I rushing into it?
One part of me says this has been going on for over a year now, theres no point in rushing it and the other part says the quicker I can move through the dosage, the sooner I’ll be cured or can move onto the next trial…Ramblings of a mad man I know!!!

I’m puzzling over the same sort of thing myself. In my case, I’m fairly well stabilized at the moment, and wondering about decreasing the dosage, at least on good days, which generally means when the weather in not changing. I certainly intent seeing or leaving a message for my doc and getting her input before mucking with it, though.

CJL, I think if you’re not experiencing side effects, you can go up more quickly. I think Rauch has the slower rule in place because most migraineurs have trouble titrating up (or down) on meds.


OK…yesterday I had a ‘good day’ in that I was feeling around 85-90% and whilst at work which is very rare…Thinking to myself, possibly the Nort was maybe taking effect and since I wasnt experiencing any noticable nasty side effects I thought I’d go with it an up the dosage last night…Today CRASH…Weak, tired, swimmy head generally feeling like I just want to go back to bed and start again

Now I only upped it from 20mg to 30mg so I thought I’d be fine but seemingly not…I’m gonna ride it out for a few days and see if I can battle past it and if not I may go back down but that seems like admitting defeat.Would a 10mg increase be so noticable?



I think any changes could potentially cause of problem with these “overly sensitive” brains of ours. Hopefully after a few days your brain will compensate and you will get to feeling better. I always titrate in very small doses.
Good luck!

I am also on Nortri…I upped the dosage very slowly…from 10 to 40 in 7 months…
I had no side effects so far,
Good luck

Thanks people…2nd day of the relentless swimmy head.I’ve gone from 10mg to 30mg in 3 weeks so I think I’ve definately given my body the shock treatment.Hopefully it will settle down quickly

Think I’m gonna go back down…I’ve been spaced out completely all day today, left foot tingling, new ear pumping sound!!!

Not good

Just a quick update…I dropped back down to 20mg from 30mg yesterday after 2 days of hell and I’m pleased to say that today I’ve returned to ‘normal’ crap feeling as opposed to ‘super’ crap feeling

I think the moral of this story is DO NOT RUSH THE MEDICATION…I hope I’ve learned my lesson here. I’ll go try and increase again (all being well) in a couple of weeks time maybe