Indoor swimming pool nightmare

Hi Gang,

Have any of you been trashed by going to an indoor swimming pool? I haven’t done this for years – since before MAV days but over the weekend I went down to the Ian Thorpe indoor Aquatic Centre here in Sydney to get some exercise with my GF who loves swimming laps.

The minute I walked in there I noticed a massive chlorine smell in the air as you’d expect I guess but this seemed more potent than usual. So I thought nothing of it because I’ve been to indoor pools in Canada before and they were loaded up with chlorine too. After swimming around I went over to another bit with jets and bubbles all over the place. Sitting near the jets and bubbles meant even more chlorine in the air around me and the smell was noticeably stronger.

So on leaving the pool after 90 minutes it all started. Banging headache and dizziness, aching joints and huge fatigue. When I went to sleep last night I was getting these jolts through my body as I was falling asleep (not the usual ones people get) and my mind was racing like crazy. Random mad thoughts. It was like I was drugged.

Today I’m at work and feel like I’m on another planet and very achy still. Definitely not the full quid at all.

Have any of you been smashed by the chlorine of an indoor pool?

Scott :shock:

I avoid pools in general as the chlorine sets off my eczema - I even notice it in Sydney water (we have rainwater) - I know, not what you asked about really just felt like commenting :lol: hope your symptoms are settling.

Scott -

Like you, I haven’t been to a pool since BM (Before MAV). :lol:

I have problems now with any strong chemical odors - I couldn’t sleep one night when I visited someone who had kept guest room sheets and blankets stored with mothballs. Had to put my robe over the pillowcase and some of the sheet under me, but I still didn’t get much sleep - it was just overpowering.

We are indeed the canaries in the coal mine. A lot of the chemical exposure that goes on is probably not good for most people in the long run, but “us people” with our finely tuned migraine brains find out it’s not good in the short run.

Hope you’re feeling better by now.

Maybe being the canaries that we are, we’ll avoid some crappy cancer down the road. Is that the silver lining in being a hyper-sensitive migraine freak? :lol:

Indoor pools, to me, have always been highly unpleasant places, even BM. I don’t voluntarily go, but take my kids to swimming lessons there and parents used to have to stay when they were little.

For me it’s not so much the chlorine smell as the bright lights and horrid echoey sound you get with all the kids shouting and screaming. Plus they are very hot and humid places if you’re just spectating.

Ugh, just thinking about it makes my head spin.

Hope you feel better soon!

Oh, D-L -

I’d forgotten about that echoey sound. That would make me nuts now; much more sensitive to noise than I used to be.

Scott -

Let’s go with canary imagery, and forget that we’re freaks. :wink:

It might not be all bad that our migraine early warning system gets us to steer clear of places with strong chemical odors - I have a lot of Parkinson’s in my family, and pesticides have been suspected to be linked to PD (as in, it may “turn on” whatever genetic propensity one might have) so I avoid bug spray like it’s the plague. I think bug spray - even the kind you’re supposed to use as mosquito repellent - stinks. I use lemon eucalyptus oil for mosquito repellent insead of DEET.