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Infection elsewhere in body


I’m just wondering has anyone gotten a bad episode when they have an infection elsewhere in the body … I at the moment have a kidney infection I didn’t realise I had so prob wasted time not getting it checked out and then all of a sudden I have bad dizzyness all day long for the last 2 wks I would never have it this long or severe … I’m on an antibiotic for infection but I don’t take anything for dizzyness ever as I try manage it myself but this is a bit off the scale at the moment …

Amy help would be great x

Yes, get a cold, hay fever, have a flu jab. Anything that causes change in a already over-sensitised system will bring it on. Indeed many people start up with MAV immediately after a illness, bout of flu etc. That’s what seems to kick it off in the first place. I’d imagine anything that affects metabolism, ie upset to insulin in a diabetic, or in your case a kidney infection might have an even greater effect. Of course some people feel they are reacting to antibiotics too.

Nearest you may get to a ‘cure’ long-term would be result from implementing a full MAV preventation protocol ie diet, supplements, lifestyle changes, medication maybe. That’s aimed at reducing the sensitivities, increasing body tolerance levels whichever way you want to look at it. Short-term take it easy, stay safe and be nice to yourself til you’re feeling better. It’ll settle once the infection does. Helen


I had a sore throat for a day and boom, a week later I’m hit with all the vestibular symptoms. I honestly do feel like I have an inner ear problem or some kind of nerve issue, just waiting to see the docs. All I know is I’m in a constant state of feeling extremely weird, unwell, and not like myself at all.


Thanks Helen I think u are bang on the money … body out of sync I’m hoping all will resume but I’m thinkin may not go back as easy as it was before … the main thing is I’m alive and well other than that so will struggle on n be grateful x

Hi Renee, unfortunately all very normal for MAV. Hope you can get all the standard tests done soon though to rule out other issues.

Hi Kaz, yes got worse for a few days after food poisoning. Do you have any rescue medications for dizziness like valium, CBD, even propanolol (which I use for rescue), anything to let the body calm down and heal would be good to take for a couple days.

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