Info from ophthalmologist appt

Hi everyone -

Months ago I went to an ophthalmologist when all my symptoms started. He examined my eyes thoroughly and said everything looked great. He said to me that even though I wasn’t currently having migraines, he thought my symptoms were related to migraines. A dozen or so doctors later, I finally found Dr. Hain who diagnosed me with MAV. So - this ophthalmologist was right. Anyways - today I had my followup after seeing him months ago. My vision is still good, no problems with the cornea, nerves, etc. I told him I had been diagnosed with MAV by Dr. Hain. I asked him what he knew about MAV. He said, well by looking at your age, I would say it is hormone related. He said the estrogen fluctuation could be causing this whole mess. He suggested going to an endocronologist, which I already have an appointment made. I asked him if this will ever go away. he said that it probably will once I get over this cycle of hormonal changes. He told me that it could even get worse before it gets better. I truly believe I already had my worst days last summer. I called my physical therapist to tell her about my appointment. We have become good friends now. She said not to worry, I have already had my “worst days”, she is sure of it. She thinks within the next year, I will start to “balance” out. It sometimes sucks to be a woman! It kind of gave me hope though. I just wanted to share that with you guys. He said MAV in general goes in cycles. This has been a pretty long cycle. :roll:


Interesing about the hormore thingy. I’ve wondered if my problems are related to hormones as my migraine headaches stopped at menopause and that is when the vertigo began. Though I’m no longer at the age when hormones flucuate, now they just aren’t there anymore - lol!!!
I’m seeing my eye doctor in a couple of months, I can only go once every two years with my insurance. I’ll be interested to see if he has anything to say about this as last time I saw him was in my pre-vertigo days. I’d love to hear him confirm it sounds like MAV rather than MM though every other doctor I have seen has been so non-commital or stupid about this - I hope he isn’t as bad.