Inner rocking increased with stress and exercise

Does anybody feel like they’re inner rocking or swaying is increased after a stressful event or exercise? Last night I bartended after 3 years of not doing it and today I am all sore (standing on feet for 9 hours), but noticed an intense rocking feeling and upper shoulder and neck strain. Also, when this all started for me, it was after exercising every day.

Any thoughts?

I definitely think most people on here would feel worse if they are stressed? But I would think that also applies to almost any illness or condition and not just dizziness.

About exercise, personally I am not sure about this. Generally, a bit of exercise is good for people, but over-doing it isn’t! It’s hard to know what constitutes ‘over-doing’ it, when you have MAV, as I suspect some days you might tolerate or even benefit from something that on others might make you feel bad. When I was in my worst spell of MAV, I found pushing myself to keep active made me feel worse, whereas now I am much better I find it actually helps me.

Increased Stress is a big one for me!


100% stress increases the inner rocking etc and I hate it!!! It’s like my brain has a meltdown with any stress and then immediately this all starts!

Lying down in bed I feel I’m being pulled from pillar to post :frowning:

Moderate exercise is no problem.

BUT, intense weight training, lifting, straining my neck, etc, on an empty stomach is an instant trigger for vertigo episode for me.


The last few days have been utter hell with the end of semester crunch, computing final grades, and dealing with whining students. And I’ve been feeling it too with increased head pressure and motion sensitivity. So big yes, stress is my worst and most obvious trigger.

Exercise is a strange one. I power walk and ride a bicycle and I push myself pretty hard when doing either. I haven’t cycled yet this year (still too cold here up North), but what I’ve noticed is that walking definitely brings on symptoms after 45 minutes to an hour at a fast pace, but cycling usually doesn’t. I’m not sure if it’s because of the rhythmic repeated jolts my head endures from my feet hitting the ground, and also don’t understand why the less rhythmic jolts I get when going over bumps on the bike wouldn’t have the same effect. That’s made me suspect that my posture could have a bearing too, since I ride a road bike in a hunched over position. What it doesn’t seem to be is due to getting my heart rate and blood pressure up, since both do that just fine. I guess it’s just another mystery about this weird condition of mine.