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Insomnia caused by new medication

Hi, I’ve recently had my migraine medication changed to Sandomigran and clonazapam. One of these has given me insomnia and I was wondering whether anyone had the same experience and any suggestions to solve my dilemma. Many thanks

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I am on Sandomigran as well. It has not caused insomnia for me. But it has made me feel more tired, particularly in the mornings. I took 2 Sandomigran (0.5 mg each) at night and 2 (0.5 mg each) in the morning. I felt so fatigued that I decided to slowly reduce them (over a few months). Now I take one tablet in the morning (0.5 mg) and one (0.5 mg) at night and that seems to have solved the fatigue.

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Thanks Katharina, I’ve taken Sandomigran now for 16 years and am therefore no longer feeling tired. I wish that I was! My migrainous vertigo has been pretty significant to tame and am on 6 sandomigran a day would you believe. I tried recently to reduce by 1 with awful results unfortunately and since returned to 6 per day. My neurologist did however change my other medication from Valium to Rivotril/clonozapam and I ‘think’ that might be where the insomnia has started. I’m exhausted because I can’t sleep but my brain also feels very ‘wired’ and cannot settle enough to get the sleep I need so much. Awful predicament and was wondering if anyone else had insomnia problems from their medication and any remedies which might help.

Hi there,

Sandomigran was a blessing that actually sent me to sleep. This is what helped me recover I think. Sleep.

It was the propranolol before that that gave me insomnia. I would wake at 1am and couldn’t go back to sleep every night. I tried lots of things. Valium helped a bit but I couldn’t stay on that for long periods. It’s funny because propranolol made me feel physically fatigued yet I couldn’t sleep.

I had to change meds in the end. Sando was great for me.

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Thanks Belindy, I was pretty sure it was my change of medication from Valium to Rivotril. I decided to stick it out rather than change my meds once again only to go down the same track. It took 3 weeks of insomnia before I started to enjoy that wonderful thing called sleep once again. I’ve been sleeping well for two weeks now so am hopeful my brain has made the adjustment and I can move forward. I have also found the sandomigran an aid to sleep so didn’t think it was my fiddling around with dosage that was the cause of the insomnia. You are 100% right about needing sleep to recover from the vertigo & motion sickness from the migraine. My migrainous vertigo condition is chronic and have suffered since 2005 but once I’m on the right medication I just about never have episodes. I’ve only changed medication recently after my GP questioned why I was taking medication when I didn’t suffer from episodes. After trying to reduce the medication to appease the doctor, I once again set of a tsunami of symptoms and had to revisit my neurologist after 10 years of calm and he tweaked my medication and I’ve been battling to settle my MAV for approximately 2 months now. I’m just going to stick at it until my 6 month checkup with the neurologist I think now as the improvements have been coming and cross fingers that it’s smooth sailing once again as I was so lucky to have in the past!