Insomnia- possibly related to Nort/Topamax or alcohol

Hi Guys,

Lack of sleep is the worst trigger for me. Sat night I didn’t sleep well at all, which I put down to the espresso martinis :slight_smile: Sunday, instead of retreating to the deathbed as I professed, I went out and drank a lot of strong beer. Oops.

Anyway, Sunday night I had the worst night sleep. Mr MM got up at 0430am to catch a flight to Austria to go skiing. I couldn’t get back to sleep so that left me with 5 hours sleep. How the hell does anyone function on so little sleep? I am a complete zombie today, the worst. Head is all over the place, I look and feel a state. My body tingles, the brain fog is out of this world, the full kaboodle.

I can handle it all, that’s fine, but now I am petrified that the 2 nights running of insomnia is caused by the drugs, perhaps Topirimate as I recently increased.

I’ve not suffered from insomnia much before. It could be alcohol I guess, but I didn’t have that much Saturday at all.

Obviously worrying about not sleeping is going to make sleeping worse, I know that. But it’s so hard not to.

Maybe a valium would help?

Does anyone else suffer from insomnia? If so, what’s the best way to nip it in the bud before it gets worse?

I’ve had 3 episodes of derealisation in 2 days, I think bought on my lack of sleep, and they are no fun.

I miss Mr MM already and he’s gone for a week, :frowning:



Hi MM sorry you feel so rubbish
Lack of sleep is a massive trigger for me. As you know i have a 4 month year old son and he keeps me up and disturbs my sleep pattern. This really effects my MAV it’s a massive trigger.
Also beer is a trigger for me. It makes my MAV worse. Alcohol effects sleep its stops you falling into a deep sleep. Even if I have a couple of pints I have trouble falling asleep … p-quality/


Yes alcohol definitely used to affect my sleep pre-MAV and I did not sleep deeply or well after a night of drinking.

Also when I started on nori I had insomnia for a few weeks but it wore off when I got used to it so it is possible that if it is med-related it will wear off once you adjust to the new dose x

Ah rubbish…valium will defo send you off to sleep…I find after 5mg I sleep like a log. Try a hot bath, reading before sleep, a milky drink, I know it’s super middle aged but Horlicks works wonders for me! LOL. Sleep well tonight. xx

Dizzie Lizzie… I suggest a name change for you to Valium Vickie!! Hahaha. I’m glad it’s working for you. I’m scared to even take 2mg tho.

I took a propranolol tonight when having palpitations- really calmed me. I saw you’ve been put on beta blockers again. Is it prop? I hope it works for you too.


Jem, and Rob, thanks for your replies… It’s good to know I’m not the only one suffering if that makes sense though sounds very masohistic sorry!!

I do wonder tho, does it mean the Topamax isn’t working if I had an eye aura on Sunday morning? Surely it’s not working? Or is it that lack of sleep just meant the jug over flowed and no amount of topamax was gunna help that?


U have been on the nort and topa for awhile and since this insomnia is a recent problem I don’t think its the drugs thats keeping awake. It could be the alcohol or could be that you r over tired. When I get over tired I can go for days without any sleep n that puts into mav hell. This insomnia phase occurs on and off. I have learnt to cope with it in the following way:

When I have insomnia and anxiety together I will pop a xanax every night until the insomnia phase is over. Valium only calms me down but does not make me sleepy

When I have insomnia on its own I will pop a phenegren everyt night until the insomnia settles.

When I have insomnia and my Mav is really v v bad, I will pop a cinnarizine for the next few days. It makes me sleep like a log until my Mav calms down.

Once the insomnia phase is gone I stop taking the above meds. I am still on the cymbalta daily as a migraine preventative