I’ve taken my 4th dose of nortriptyline and have had my 4th night of about 3 hours of sleep. I don’t know how I will make it through the work day today. I thought this stuff was supposed to be sedating!!! It sure isn’t for me . I finally took 1/2 a valium at 3AM but that took an hour to kick in and in another hour and a half my clock went off, yawn.

What’s with this? Anyone else have a problem with nortriptyline keeping you up? Seems I have the same problem with benadryl. That never puts me to sleep.



Benadryl had the same effect on me too. I woke in the night in Toronto out of my mind on it. My Nori trial also made me super anxious to the point where it was messing with my work performance. I couldn’t function that strung out. If you can handle it (use valium) perhaps the insomnia will go in another week while you adjust.


Hi Book,
Have you considered taking it earlier in the evening, perhaps with dinner? If this still causes you to have insomnia you might be one of those folks who have paradoxical reactions to meds and may need to dose the drug in the morning. The easiest way to do this is to just take the drug a few hours earlier each day until you are taking it at the morning hour after about a week.

Good luck. BTW— is it helping your symptoms???


I tried Nortripyline and got up to 40 mg. but it did not help. By way of side effects it did give me insomnia for 2 weeks when I first started it and whenever my dosage was increased. After the 2 weeks, my sleep actually improved. Good luck.

Thank you for the feedback!

Scott, how high a dosage were you on before you gave it up? I’m going to try to stick with it and hopefully the insomnia will go away. I remember having the same problem with Lexapro 6 years ago and that finally went away after a couple of weeks.

Lisa, I’m taking it about 7:00 now, the first night I took it at 9:00. I thought of taking it in the morning but I found it puts me to sleep very nicely (it just doesn’t keep me asleep) so I don’t want to mess with that while working. But if Iam still having problems this weekend I will try taking it in the morning.
Paradoxical reaction to meds? Hmmm, I never heard of that, so I think I search and see what I can find. I don’t know if it’s helping yet. I haven’t had vertigo in the last 4 days but my attacks are generally infrequent. As far as the motion sick feeling I have all day long, I can’t tell yet if it is helping that as I was home relaxing all weekend and that is usually when I feel my best. It is when I am at work with a wobbly chair and lots of noise and flourescent lights and weird smells that I feel worse. I felt okay today but that could very well be because I took a valium in the middle of the night.

Heritage, glad to hear I’m not the only one with this weird reaction. I thought for sure I would have a good nights sleep. And I actually did sleep pretty well the first night but that was it. Sorry to hear this one didnt’ work for you.

I took my pill for tonight a little while ago. I’ll see how I do sleeping tonight. If I wake up at 11:30 I’m giving it 15 minutes. If I’m not back asleep I’ll take half a valium right away, no more waiting until 3:00.

It was really weird between 11:30 - 3:00 this morning. Ifelt like I was dreaming but awake. Kept seeing things in my mind and having weird thoughts, kind of like fever dreams. I don’t know how much of this is normal or not but if it continues I’ll call the doctor and ask him. Reading about the side effects kind of creeps me out and scares me.