Hello all. I have been having horrible insomnia for the last 3 months. Is this part of MAV? I have tried many meds and feel like sometimes they help, sometimes not. Wondering what has helped you all? Thanks!!

I do not know whether insomnia is a part of MAV but I can tell you what works for knocking me out. I take Olanzapine and ambien to sleep. I also have chronic insomnia.

Exercise is pretty reliable, for me . . . unless I have something on my mind distracting me hard. If I’ve been up for an hour or two, I do take a zolpidem tartrate pill. My neurologist didn’t want me to take it unless I’d been up quite a while. Between the two, exercise and the eventual, occasional ZT pill, I do pretty well.

Hi there,

I believe insomnia can be linked with MAV (think I read it somewhere in amongst all my research).

You could try a good magnesium supplement and also Vit B2 as both are supposed to help migraine and sleep issues.

There was a really good post from someone on the facebook group, linked to this site, about CBT for sleep. I printed it out and have just started following it. I can’t remember the name of the group on fb - maybe someone else can advise? and you might be able to see the link.