Instant migraine with aura from stress

So today I spent an hour in Sainsbury’s doing some food shopping, went to the checkout, bagged up the shopping went to pay, and my card got rejected. I had no money in my account, it’s 2 days from payday, after Christmas…The checkout woman was SO rude and unhelpful. I wasn’t really embarassed- but she was such a snotty cow!
BANG! I instantly got an eye aura and then the thunderclap headache. I’ve never had it so instant from a stressful situation before. Has anyone else???

When I got home, I checked my blood pressure and it was sky high. Risk of stroke and heart attack worries me with this.

I then decided to sell a load of stuff on eBay… Turns out I’m unreliable and don’t get myself down to the post office quick enough- usually because I feel so crap and dizzy in the post office- and eBay have banned me!! The bastards!

It was the first time I’ve worked 3 days in a row since Xmas today.

I’m writing today off and going to bed.

Looking forward to seeing the dizzy London faces next Thursday!



Ugh, that’s the worst when your card rejects! It actually happens to me quite often if I forget to transfer money and I am often in a stressful and somewhat awkward situation with a line up behind me !

Re the instant impact of it …YES! That also happens to me. If something really gets me worked up or stressed, I can instantly feel like my eyes jump and I get the sensation of being pulled to one side - which is one of my key MAV sensations. I believe stress can be an instant trigger. My GP said it can also.

Well done making it to work for the 3 days running! I dare say your trigger level was fairly high before the shopping saga so don’t worry too much. Just make sure you get lots of rest between work so that you can get that trigger level back down where it belongs! :slight_smile:

AG x

Hey there…
I never know when the visual aura is going to hit despite there being a “prodrome phase” some migrainers have. As soon as my aura comes I immediately feel the pain in my head. This eases up a bit but then my headache returns with full force. I am actually more bothered by my aura then the headache. I absolutely hate it and it makes me stressed out. I think it sounds like you were quite stressed. I would chalk your BP being elevated to your situation. Try and take a deep breath and relax as best you can (given the circumstances)! I wouldn’t worry too much about stroke or heart problems for now.
Glad to hear you have survived work…I am (fingers crossed) finally feeling a bit better after a miserable 2 month relapse. Wish I could meet up with you guys…but I’m a bit too far!

I went to the GP a few weeks ago to get a referral to a psychologist to help deal with a period of acute, severe stress. Within 30 seconds of being in the doctor’s office a scintillating scotoma began. Go figure! My vision was so bad I couldn’t read the self rating stress form!

Focus on the positives MM - you did a food shop in sainsburys!! THATS AMAZING. :stuck_out_tongue:

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and eBay have banned me!! The bastards!

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yeah i have this. Someone at work REALLY wound me up on Monday and i could feel myself getting stressed and my blood was boiling and then BANG!! MAV attack within seconds!!

I find i get wound up and stressed a lot more easier than i used to. I used to think i was laid back but now i am a stress head!!

i told the wife not to moan or nag otherwise i will go dizzy!! She hasn’t listened!! so i blame her for my MAV!!

Perfectly normal mm, try two 2 year old toddlers (not twins, 11 months apart) fighting , blighting , pulling hair, clambering all over you & shouting! I feel the anger rising then BANG! :slight_smile: mav in full force! Xx

I am the same. I said to Dr S that I feel like I can’t handle stress anymore. I used to think I was pretty relaxed but in the year prior to MAV I started getting a lot more stressed out over small things and then when it hit and I was still working I literally felt so stressed everyday that sometimes I thought I would explode like a pressure cooker. I felt like my blood pressure was through the roof - I don’t think it was but it felt like it. It has got easier now I am not working but MAV definitely makes you feel stress way more than you would normally. I wonder if it’s all to do with the changes in the brain that occur when migraine activity is taking place x

Glad it’s not just me… Thanks guys.

Anna, I don’t know how you can cope with this plus 2 toddlers!!?

Jen- so glad your starting to feel better- whereabouts are you in the us?

Maryland…a bit too long of a drive to Naples! Have a nice visit…should be nice, warm, and tropical there!

Yes, it happened year before last, middle of the night, went running down the stairs, fell over the hoover and was in agony with my toe, an hour later zig zag half moon flashing lights migraine. Happened same again recently, early morning, in bed, on computer and spider ran down my front then across the duvet, leapt out of bed (as you would :smiley: ) half hour later zig zag flashing lights. I think it must be the adrenaline rush. Usually I get a bit more of a gap, like, when I was on holiday in a villa and there were ants so the cleaner came out with a tin of killer spray, I looked in horror as I knew this meant migraine. That night, several hours later, flashing zig zag lines, that migraine lasted 3 days.