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Interesting Diet Website

This website is written by a medical doctor and appears to contain a lot of good information on nutrition and diet.

Freshness Counts: Histamine Intolerance

Home page is: “Diagnosis: Diet”


Thanks for sharing. Interesting Amitriptyline increases histamine intolerance.

Yes, I already knew that. It’s something to do with DAO inhibitors. (Should maybe hv paid more attention in the science laboratory me I should expect cos I’ve not really got to the bottom of this one). Tyramine comes in there somewhere too. It’s something I looked into heavily at one time simply because for me could hv bn link as my acute attacks seemed to follow meals out in restaurants 90% of the time, Histamine intolerance it seems usually kicks in quick, almost always has rash and breathing difficulties but there are lots of similarities to MAV. If one works backwards from say the John Hopkins clinic diet, lots of apparent connections to both histamine and tyramine, One time I had a link to a menopausal migraineur who was failing with Ami after six years success that turned out to be because of this DAO link. I’ve since several times tried to find it again - changed PCs and ‘missed some’ ! As you do but no success. Must be out there somewhere. Helen

What of the food and diet did you find helpful for the mav condition?

The link says he mentions foods good for physical and mental health but I couldn’t find that information on the website if you have a more specific link? Thanks

Thank you so much for the link. I got lost in a several hours’ long rabbit trail after clicking on it.

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