Interesting fact about migraine

My Neurologist told me that the World Health Organisation rates migraine in the top 4 most disabling conditions known to man. It ranks it equally alongside quadriplegia, dementia, and psychosis.

Who’d have thought it? While I do feel very ill and I’m glad it is recognised as being so debilitating, Id rather have migraine than any of those other conditions!

I guess it matters what form uve got. Its like cancer in that aspect, some types of cancer are completely benign, while others are terminal.

A friend only gets visual symptoms, thats all he gets. “scotome” or whatever its called. We all know how lucky he is :wink:

Yup, and migraine was at the top of the list for causing disability here in Australian females too. Makes you wonder why this problem is so common worldwide? Why is the brain so easily switched into this hypersensitive, reactive mode?

I spoke to a 20 year old guy last night who has had neck and jaw pain for years. He thought he had structural problems. So I asked him if he noticed things got worse following the usual food triggers … he lit up and said YES. Caffeine, stress, and sleep disruption. He eats a bag of mixed nuts daily as well. I reckon he’s another one with migraine.

Scott 8)