Interesting website re: Dizziness, migraine etc

Here is an interesting website I found from a Doctor who believes that the vast majority of migraine, dizziness, headaches, nausea, tinnitus and other ‘head discomfort’ are caused by muscle, ligament and/or joint disfunction.

It certainly rings a bell with me as I have experienced the most terrible TMJ, back and neck pain since I became ill a year ago!


Hmm, on a similar topic, I found this page a long time ago:
Not sure what to make of it. I haven’t quite found the muscle yet, I think… should be easy though. :oops:

Very interesting :expressionless: May keep this in my back pocket for a little while.

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Hmm, on a similar topic, I found this page a long time ago:
Not sure what to make of it. I haven’t quite found the muscle yet, I think… should be easy though. :oops:

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My husband’s neck, shoulders and back are always filled with knots. He’s always doing the maneuver described in the link described above. It works great for him.

If you can’t find the muscle, it may mean that it’s not ropey and tense enough to find. I can find my husband’s real easily, it’s like a rope, but i can’t really find mine. it’s too supple.


I tried to get hold of this muscle but couldn’t, it is too tight. When I finally did it really hurt and it felt like I was throttling myself! Maybe that means something?


What my husband does with that muscle is massage is really slowly, and really hard, with much pain, from the base of the skull, all the way down to his shoulder. He is in a lot of pain while he does it, but it helps his headaches.

He massages his own muscle? (I can’t believe I said that.)

Seriously, I’ve tried rubbing my neck myself & my arms get too tired to do much good. I used to be able to pay my son to rub my neck for me, but now he’s moved into a dorm & I can’t get my [size=50]spoiled rotten[/size] sweet daughter or [size=50]lazypig [/size] hardworking husband to help me out with this.

I’ve always thought a massage several times a week would do me as much good as anything.


You raised them just the way you always dreamed they would turn out :twisted:

Well, not exactly the way I dreamed they’d turn out … I mean I never dreamed they’d turn out as terrific as they have - actually my kids are perfect! (awwwwww :roll: ) And re the giving my heart & I DO … … … nah, too easy.

What was this thread about anyway?? OH YEAH, dizzy stuff & muscles & migraines & all that. I just printed out the round earth pages & want to have my primary doc look it over to see what he thinks. I’ll see the neuro doc next week, too, so maybe I’ll ask him about it. Lately I just feel like there’s something more to be done than throw drugs at me right now. My neck’s been so gravely sounding when I turn it & my shoulders & neck are so stiff & tight. I’ve become acquainted with people who swear by chiropractic / atlas adjustments - say they cure most everything. And there’s another group who say certain types of specialized massage will practically cure/if not greatly relieve symptoms of Meniere’s disease. I personally had a chiro doc tell me he could relieve my MAV symptoms.

I’m asking Santa for one of those massaging pillows for Christmas. Maybe it’ll be my miracle cure!