Intermittent dizziness

in understanding this MAV diagnosis, can anyone explain the following -

I, thankfully, get intermittent dizziness/off balanceness, every day - it can last for seconds, and there can be times in the day when i dont have it, when walking, sometimes when sitting down etc = as i understand it, with a MAV diagnosis, its a migrane that is triggered which causes the dizzies - so why are they intermittent throughout the day, why do they come and go (not complaining of this of course). Every now and again i will get a ‘worse’ period, but again it will only last seconds, any whilst i will be on edge for the rest of the day, it generally doesnt re-occur. If a triggered migrane was causing the dizziness, surely I would experience it for longer, or it would be more constant?

How would this not be classed as visual vertigo, rather than MAV?


I would say mine is intermittent as well. My foggy brain is pretty constant unless I’m sleeping or resting. Rest of the time I have a heavy head or a boggle head off and on. Sometimes I have a rocking sensation, that mostley happens when I’m trying to work which is on a computer and its very fast paced. I can’t keep up with it.