Internal tremors

Hello all! I’ve been quiet on here lately only because knock on wood I’ve been feeling pretty good on Celexa, except for the occasional bout of BPPV here and there. I was wondering i anyone has had a feeling of internal tremors. It only happens to me when I first wake up in the morning and am still half asleep. It feels like everything is shaking on the inside of me, but visually I am not twitching or anything like that. It also feels like I have crazy palpitations, but when I feel my pulse it’s normal. It’s just that feeling of “shaking” that makes me think that.

I was going to attribute it to the Celexa as a side effect, but this used to happen before I was even on the medication (but when I still had MAV). It went away for so many months, but it seems to be back again this week. I tried googling it and found it to mostly be a symptom of anxiety. I can honestly say that ever since I started the Celexa and started feeling better (90-95% most days), I haven’t had any anxiety.

Was wondering if any other MAV’ers out there have felt something similar??

Yes, you described exactly what happens to me, quite frequently. The crazy palpitations I get as I am dropping off to sleep, sometimes it will go on through the night (often this happens after some stress but not always). I feel like the heartbeats are running one into the other, its so fast, yet my pulse feels normal or I cant find it! The dr. gave me a monitor at home and the readings looked pretty awful so it showed something was happening, but it was sent off to the cardiologist and he said, there was no problem so I guess its OK. I get the internal shaking as well, soon after I get up. Sometimes this is blood sugar with me if its during the day (I can be sat out in the heat of the sun and be shaking and shivering inside). I seem to get an attack soon after breakfast but I generally start the day with some mild headache anyway. I dont seem to have much of this during the daytime, its nightime and first thing in the morning. If the heart drives me mad at night I take 10mg propanalol and this will often stop it.


I know exactly what you are talking about. I’ve looked it to this and what I have found is that everyone’s body shakes when falling asleep and waking up. However, most people don’t feel this or notice it. I think our extremely sensitive brains pick it up. I’ve actually experienced this for about the past 4 years. It’s just gotten worse lately.