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Intractable vertiginous migraine

Does anyone else here have IVM??? I feel so alone since getting diagnosed christmas of 2019. I stay CONSTANTLY dizzy. I have lost my job, and my ability to drive due to depth perception loss. As a mom with three kids its so frustrating and lonely, just wondering if anyone else here may have it as well.

Hi and welcome.

Be assured. You are not alone. I could suggest you use the site’s search facility inserting your exact diagnosis. You may find results but either way it makes no difference. These vestibular conditions all have very similar symptoms and people suffer similarly. Whether your diagnosis is ‘Intractable vertiginous migraine’, ‘vestibular migraine’, ‘migraine associated vertigo’, ‘migraine variant balance disorder’ or any other of a dozen and more different names, it all amounts to virtually the same thing. It’s a vestibular disorder. I would lay money at least 75% of the posters on this site if seen by whoever diagnosed you would be given the same diagnosis. The remaining 25% I would guess might not yet meet the criteria for the ‘intractable’ element. You will find most are chronic, constantly dizzy. Very common symptom that one unfortunately and very indicative of chronic it’s. We have many on here, me included, who have been experiencing the condition for approaching 20 years so would sail through. So, please join in and no longer feel alone because you most certainly aren’t. Btw do search for further info on any specific symptoms. For example there are many references to depth perception, spatial awareness etc. Site is packed with information. Try the Wikis too. Helen


Welcome. You are in good company.


Hello! Welcome and I hope you find help and solace on here. I haven’t yet had a diagnosis but I have found it so helpful and reassuring to search the forum and to read other people’s experiences.

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Welcome. This site fits you well.

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Hi there, I’m a mom of 2 kids. I completely understand how you feel. I’m dizzy most days as well sometimes with terrible headache and other times just dizzy. Some days are more tolerable. I haven’t driven in over 2 years. I’m only 38. Message me if you’d like but you are certainly not alone.