Introducing myself aura virtigo no diagnosis

I’d like to introduce myself ,
I’m jenny from Queensland,
ive had 13 years of visual and all over body sensation of rocking,
dr’s have given me a diagnosis of Mal de debarquement which i believe is just another way of saying <We dont know what you have,
i do have rocking free months but remission is becoming shorter.

i’ve always seen colours in my vision since i was young and paid no attention to them as i thought every one had that.
untill about 5 months ago when i started to see strange spots of luminous colour , the most wierd one is like seeing through heat of a kettle kind of looks like if you drop a stone into a pond and it ripples, my inviroment furniture ect rocks or sways ever so gently , thats perminent. turning my head from left to right causes more irritation. the illusion of over all body rocking like on a boat is always present but will become worse during a stressfull situation.

fluro lights and computers will trigger off my symptom ,
i find it almost impossible to stand under certain fluro lights as i feel confusion and like my head is being pealed off at the back of my scull. and my rocking becomes worse.

i’ve had them in the past and thank god i dont have them on a regular basis maybe once a year and an attack will send me to the hospital. vomiting ect
my longest migraine was 3 days prior to mentration. late onset 16 1/2

i do have flutuations in my hearing and very rearly cannot stand even the sound of my own vioce. it appears so loud.
which is hard as i am a musician and thats how i make a living.

when i have a bad attack i cant talk almost and feel like i’m dreaming while awake.
the reason i’m here is i’m doing what i wanted my neuro to do for me research this illness.
and i hope by reading your posts and chatting i can get infomation from people who know about this discusting illness, as i believe i possibly have migraine associated virtigo.
if you have any idears on whether i’m on the right track or not.
thank you and hope to hear from some one. jenny.