Inverse relationship between headache and dizziness

It sure seems like in general the ‘better’ I feel as far as dizziness/crumminess/energy level, the more of a headache I have, and when I have a headache I feel less of the rest of the symptoms. They aren’t completely inverse, the times I’ve had really bad migraines (ones where I would take an imitrex, they are often hand in hand, but on a day to day basis…my daily headaches are inverse to the rest of my symptoms. I don’t have the rocking sensation (I did after the cruise I got off jan 10 for like a week). And I dont feel like I’m walking on a cruise ship(had that too). When I was balance tested my balance was that of an average adult a couple weeks ago. Basically I’m just super intolerant to motion (can’t drive)…everything is moving so fast! (my gait stability is very low now) I was doing VRT (which was actually seeming to help slowly? least I was getting better at it/could do more/recover faster) but have put that on hold with the migraine factor. Since quitting 2 weeks ago my headaches have pretty much remained the same so I’ll probably talk to my therapist on monday and restart them.

Has anyone else had this experience?

Quick history - caloric found 40% asymmetry and was presumed to be from vestibular neuronitis 2 months ago. I’ve been on the migraine diet for 6 weeks and have tried and failed verapamil and nortriptyline because of side effects. I’m getting seen at Mayo in 2 weeks and am in a holding pattern until then…but I just thought this was interesting enough to post about. I take 4-6mg of Valium per day and for a little bit I thought maybe the Valium was giving me a headache but I’ve done some experimenting and it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Before the vest neur I didn’t get many headaches and would get an ocular migraine every once in awhile from MSG but basically didn’t have much history with headaches.

Hope everyone else is doing well!

I found your post interesting as I’ve noticed the worse the actual pain in my head is, the less awful the dizziness is. It’s almost as if the horrid, pressurised, ‘tight’ feeling I get with the dizzies is ‘released’ and this is when the pain kicks in. Even when the pain is really bad, I prefer it to the dizziness as I can think through the pain, but not through the dizziness.

I have often noticed that the dizziness improves after taking clonazepam and everything in my head is lovely and calm for a while, but then the pain comes on.

When the pain goes away, lo and behold, the dizzies are back!

So when asked the question ‘do you feel better?’, the answer s often ‘yes, the headache’s started’!

All a bit strange…


Funny I’ve noticed this as well, it’s pretty strange. I never can decide which I prefer because when I’m dealing with one I think the other is better until it comes. True vertigo (drop attack) would trump both in my opinion, which by the way I haven’t had yet in 2010 unless you count the time I blacked out while getting a nerve block for my headaches. I hope I didn’t jinx myself because I just came back from Subway and had a migraine nightmare of a meal, fresh yeast,nitrates,mayo,caffiene,and chocolate. I knew it was wrong but sometimes I just don’t care anymore. Like really, am I going to ask if there is malted barely extract or hydrolized soy protien when I eat at someones house. Unless it is a severe peanut allergy most people just don’t understand what we deal with.

Same here. When I was on holiday. I woke with a blinding migraine, out of the door at 9, travelled two and half hours on a tram to Aqualand in Benidorm, spent the day there, taking painkillers as needed, was determined to make the most of the day, got back late afternoon and I took some more painkillers. Hour later the dizziness started up and turned into full blown vertigo which lasted all the next day. But while I had the bad migraine I could function, more than could be said for the next day.