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iPad problems

I just bought an iPad to help me connect while being cooped up inside. Three days ago I was on it 10-15 minutes trying to set it up before I began to feel very motion sick (in general I have extreme motion sensitivity). I took meclizine but the sick feeling stayed with me for another 24+ hours. I was miserable.

The problem seems to come from the slight movement of whatever is on the screen that continues longer than I expect it to when I swipe the screen. Does anyone else have this problem and any solutions? Is this something that goes away once I get used to it? I went back on it today and found a “motion” setting which I adjusted but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.

I’ve never used an ipad or anything apple before so am having enough problems figuring out how this works without the additional problem of it making me sick, :frowning: . For the most part I’m okay using my regular PC and kindle and phone.

A related question - can anyone tell me how I can rotate the screen when I rotate the ipad? It doesn’t move for me so can only use it up and down, which means I can’t use the keyboard I bought.

IWill send you PM shortly.

Hi Bookworm. Long time no speak.

Despite being a long time PC user I found the Ipad from the beginning so much less stimulating although I did have same problem as you for many months too but then again I had had long periods totally screen free as I just couldn’t tolerate them at all. I always found the iPad much easier to use with visual vertigo than the PC but we are all different. Could well be your vestibular system will adapt in a while.

From memory, recalling discussion about bookshop visits, I think we share a particular visual sensitivity so I mention this. Consider the difference in your sitting position and needed focal lengths between using the two devices. Very different. This may mean you need a different lens prescription if you wear them, glasses for one device and not the other, and/or maybe different room lighting. Isn’t going to cure the visual vertigo per se but may help reduce it. Helen

What a memory you have, Helen! I do vaguely remember talking about problems in bookstores. They, along with libraries, are among my favorite places to be but it’s difficult because looking up and down and across always make be feel sickish. I do suffer from visual vertigo and have many triggers for it.

I’m hoping I can get used to my iPad. My PC is so much easier to use though, so I’m sticking to that right now. But I really do need to get used to the iPad. I just wish everything wasn’t so “different.”. I finally figured out how to rotate the screen, yeah! But so many other things I can’t figure out. I’m so used to Windows; Apple is totally new to me. If only the library were open, I could swing over there and checkout iPad for Dummies.