iPhone adapating?

Hi all, i know there have been posts on here before about iphones - and i’m not jumping onto those - but asking something a little different. For those with an iphone, how long did it take you to adapt to it, and re-train your brain?

I know this happens, as it has happened with my new toshiba laptop,and my old samsung androids - i felt so much worse at firts, rocking and vertigo increased and then i adjusted with time.

I have only had an iphone for two days so am wondering how long it has taken people to adjust. Scott - i know you must have adapted by now as you got yours in January?



It didn’t take me that long to adapt. Maybe only a week or two. I would put the phone down if it started bothering me. When the operating system changed to ios7 which is what comes on all the new iphones right now, I never really did adjust to it. I had to set it to reduce motion in the settings and the really strong dizziness I was feeling subsided a lot. However my brain still does not like long sessions with the phone. For this reason I am considering switching to a galaxy. Android does not have the parallax effect to compensate for a small screen like iphones do. I wonder if apple really is going to make a larger screen phone and if those will have the parallax. Have you gone into your settings and switched to reduce motion? If not, it will definitely help to do so.

Hi Dizzy J, i have reduced motion yes but i have been feeling considerably more rocky and have had moments where i feel like i’m falling again, which i haven’t had for about 6 months! I believe this is all down to the iPhone - but my physiotherapist assures me i will adapt in time - i will hope for another week of adapting and then to find the right balance. Due to work i have to use my phone alot so i need to be good at it!

Thanks for coming back to me - any other people able to use iPhone 5C now?

Hi Scott - do you have any news on this?

I never did. I took it back and continued to use iOS6. But I want the next iphone when it’s released. It’s going to knock the shit out of me but I’m going to try and stay with it this time.

On another note I seem to have adapted to a home plasma television. Not perfect but I can handle 45 minutes on it now without being heavy duty dizzy.


Hi ,
I also have a plasma TV and seem to be OK with it. Although i still cannot take flashing lights and don’t watch for more than an hour or two at a time. I finally had to get a new phone because my iPhone 4s died on me. I went ahead and got a galaxy and have adapted to it pretty well after 2 weeks. I can definitely use it for longer periods of time with no trouble than I ever could with the ios7 iPhone. Anything to reduce my trigger load is a wonderful thing as I am triggered by a ridiculous amount of things.

I think that might be the key is to not push it for too long. At the moment I seem to be able to handle about 45 min on the plasma and then it’s time to get off.

Thanks both - i actually seem to be adapting already - i can totally see why people give up with the new iphone but if you persevere through the HORRIBLE relapse, you will come out the other side. Scott -you can do it!! Thanks so much for both you coming back to me here x