Iron rations

For those of you who follow a migraine diet, with exceptions that you have found are not personal triggers, is there any food that you keep at hand for when you can’t manage a real meal?

I do okay with many nuts and some seeds; even some beans. However, a jar of almonds ready to hand does only so much to substitute for balanced eating.

A scone with cream and jam. You get your protein (cream), and carb and 4 of your 5 a day, cherries, sultanas, currents and strawberry jam :lol:

Christine :mrgreen:

Boiled egg mashed in a cup with some butter and pepper. Sounds gross but my dad made it for me when I really couldn’t face eating anything and it was the only thing that didn’t make me sick. I always have it now when I can’t face eating a proper meal.

Christine, when my weight’s down ten or 15 pounds, I’m having you cater my breakfasts.

I make a PB and J, but instead of peanut butter, I use sunflower seed butter. I also use fruit preserves with no added sugar instead of jelly. Quick and easy, protein, carbs, and fat, and sits well in my stomach. Sometimes I will also do a bagel and cream cheese, since cream cheese doesn’t bother me. Not very balanced, but works well on a touchy GI tract.

:lol: David I forgot to tell you you cant eat anything else the rest of the day!

I have to have the scone late afternoon or supper (blood sugar :frowning:

I use Eskal freenut butter a lot, spread it on an oatcake (this is for a snack between meals).

Actual meals, if you are not up to cooking, tin of salmon with couple of spoonfuls potato salad.

Quick cooking, jacket potato with tuna and mayo.

Off on holiday today, this is where I generally trip up :slight_smile:


I like porridge, or if feeling really off a clear simple vegetable soup.
Cooking can get difficult, drop things on my head, lurch from fridge to sink to benchtop,
I find I have to try to move in a very calm, orderly fashion & move much slower
especially when cleaning up.

Lovely responses, and lots of sense.

What I was thinking of when I talked of “iron rations” are things I can take with me and have available when my kitchen isn’t.

But I’m glad I asked, and got snapshots of what youdo when preparing a proper meal isn’t in the cards.

Incidentally, when I told my sweetie Christine’s first response, she laughed her head off and followed with “That’s why mini-scones were invented, so you can have a scone with cream and still eat the rest of the day.”

Christine, if you break your diet on holiday, make it worth your while!

Well I got the usual mid week migraine (every time)! I was in Kefalonia so the food was mostly home cooked but I think the chips were frozen and could have been coated. Got a massive two day stinker of a migraine midweek, it lifted for the day I flew home and now I have had one for two days since the day after I arrived back, nothing to do with food, this just happens every time I go abroad, and generally this one will go on for a week. I should really give up :frowning: