Irrational Thoughts

I just wonder if anyone else get very irrational thoughts along with increased mavsymptoms; I get totally “hypocondric”, well not that really but for instance I dropped a lightbulb to the floor. It kept alit, and yet I started thinking later that WHAT IF it just broke a little → Mercury poisoning!!! I then cleaned my appartment like crazy only to realise this was perhaps not even a good thing to do if it had indeed leaked (which it of course hadnt but whatever). So For 2 days I felt totally anxious about the fact that MAYBE I was slowly becoming more and more poisoned…

And so the story goes, on and on. I know its just crazy, but I almost can’t help it. Guess the anxiety that comes along this crap pays its part.

Hi Mikael,

You poor thing! Your anxiety over these things would be almost funny if it weren’t so awful for you. But you may be on to something with the mercury - I mean that’s what happened to the Mad Hatter and we know this thing has been called Alice in Wonderland syndrome…

I think it sounds like partly MAV (mucking around with your brain) and partly your brain responding to what is, by any objective measure, a very anxious way of life (ie when MAV is at full throttle).

I don’t get anxious over “little” things, more like “big” things like will I be able to work, will I be able to pay the mortgage etc and then existential anxiety “I will die”. You know, all the light hearted stuff :lol: .


I agree, anxiety is irrational thoughts and if any of us really let our mind go on a “binge”, no telling what some of our thoughts could be. I think it would be important for you to halt those thoughts dead in their tracks and replace them with song lyrics, scripture verses etc. I have heard of people taking a rubberband around the wrist and when these thoughts would begin, they would snap the rubberband…apparently this is a VERY good technique for this. But the trick is to immediatly replace the thoughts with something good. You need to be patient with this as our mind will want to go back to what is “normal” and what I call loose thinking. Practice replacing your thoughts daily though…it can be like preparing for a marathon. You can’t prepare for a marathon in one day, it takes daily practice…well, so does this exercise.

keep us posted.


Thanks for your thoughts Vic and Pam; I’ll try not to think about it at all but just eat msg-free diet and hope for the best. I can feel somewhat ok if I lie down in bed and read a book. Computer is not ok at all at the moment, so that’s why this is a short message.

Take car! =)

I can relate to the computer…unfortunately its a trigger for me also!!!


When my symptoms flare up, my thought patterns go in the exact opposite direction from what you describe. I skip steps in procedures, I forget important details, and just have problems thinking in general.

— Begin quote from ____

When my symptoms flare up, my thought patterns go in the exact opposite direction from what you describe. I skip steps in procedures, I forget important details, and just have problems thinking in general.

— End quote

That makes sense though. It’s just I get major anxiety when symptoms flare up, and that’s probably causing the “irrational thoughts”.

I’ve felt increasingly worse today :frowning: I keep feeling loads of pressure in my ears, so I’ll go to the doc tomorrow just in case (im sure theres nothing to be found though!)

If this doesn’t pass, I think I must try some med (again) or something, whatever to make it stop. :cry:


I hope you feel better soon, and that you get some help from you upcoming doc appt. Your post was a timely one for me. I’ve just realized that lately I’ve been going on these anxiety binges. I read your post and went, " aha-- that happens to me too!" Which is a shame because i’ve only recently had a fews periods where my mind seems to be a little sharper, less foggy-- out of it-- sometimes, and this is what I’m wasting it on. Well, as mentioned, it’s a skill to replace these anxious thoughts with positive ones. I’m just a beginner at this process, but I think it may help, (us both) to give it a try!

Best wishes in feeling better



When I had severe anxiety that had gone on unchecked for weeks back in late 2003, I had TONS of irrational thoughts that I had never ever experienced before. They scared the hell out of me sometimes. But it can be a “normal” reaction for this to happen when the brain gets screwed up like this with anxiety or MAV attacks. Sometimes i began doubting my own senses. I’d see a lightning flash which was real but would have to ask my girlfriend if what I saw was real.


Hey guys,

In full throttle MAV my senses get stuffed around too - not just haywire but increasing deficit. Vision goes wild (or when I had Optic Neuritis - I lost it - went from6/6 to - 24/6 and red colours were all faded and washed out), hearing goes all distant, tinny and echo-ey, then feeling goes - numbness, tremors etc, sense of smell crazy (phantom Wasabi) and so on. And then the vertigo is its own craziness - all that rocking, the spongy bouncy walking. When I finally got a diagnosis this year and friends and family all started to understand they’d help out. Was in an old wooden house in the mountains and felt like the floors were moving - friend chimed in helpfully and said “It’s OK, it’s not you - the floor IS actually moving!”. It does help to have non MAVers around to tell you what’s real and what’s not :slight_smile: .

The MAV brain is a crazy untamed beast.

haha victoria, I’ve asked that question a few times too; alas, everyone looked at me like i’m crazy! :slight_smile:

I recognize myself in a lot of what you say scott; for me it’s always that with more rocking comes more anxiety. Not at first, but shortly after the rocking gets worse so does the anxiety.

I’m on an msg-free diet now and went out running today. will report back again tonight as to how things are.

How are you doing scott?

  • Mikael


For me, as the disorientation in my head keeps going, it brings on a depressed feeling, not because I’m bummed out but it’s a physiological thing. Sounds like you get it like that too –- but anxiety (happens to me as well).

I slept pretty much right through the night which is good but continue to be really dizzy again. Anyway, nothing new for anyone here that’s for sure. I’m just going to pop another valium and get on with it. Despite the crappy head I can handle the idea of getting on a jet. I doubt I’ll be watching any movies though. Even when pretty much asymptomatic, watching movies on planes does my head in.


Yeah sounds like we have similar things going on there anxiety/depressionwise.

Not sure you’re already on your holiday now Scott, but if not then I think you chose the right thing by going. This illness will take everything away from you if you let it, that’s what i’ve realised lately.

I wouldn’t watch any movies if I were you either; I can’t watch them at all at the moment, let alone on a turbulent plane! :shock: