Is 20mg of amitriptyline enough?

Hi all! Wanted to ask a quick question… I am on 20 of ami, and was wondering if anyone goes higher than this, and what the usual cut off dose is for this drug with MAV? I am doind decent, and I noticed greater improvement of my symptoms when I upped to 20mg, but am wondering if I up some more I will see even greater relief. I can’t complain, I am back to work and doing most my normal stuff…but not without continuous symptoms. Just trying to learn to live with them… (before I returned to work I was actually feeling really good and mostly “normal”…damn that work atmosphere!)

Well I’m on Nortriptyline which is almost the same as Ami and the advice from my consultant is to go up 5mg every 3 wks until I reach 75mg or until syptoms are gone!

20mg seems low low low. You can always keep going up and if you find you dont like it, come back down. Going up in 5mgs will be easier than 10mgs (just get a pill cutter from the chemist).

Good luck and feel better soon.

Hi Jen,

I don’t know about the cut off for MAV specifically, but for another type of migraine (hemiplegic) my friend went all the way up to 130 mg before it had any effect. Once that had got things under control she gradually cut down to 35 mg and has stayed at that dose and done really well on it.

So I would guess that you could go quite a lot higher than 20 mg…

I am on 50mg but only for 3 months.My neuro said most people don’t take a high enough dose.But that is my doc’s opinion.