Is coffee really a trigger?

hi all,
I have a very healthy diet, but balanced diet, - no junk food at all, mostly organic food, I eat all food groups including meat (organic) very little processed food, but I also have one (sometimes two!) cups of freshly ground organic coffee in the morning and one or two glass of wine in the evening. I don’t suffer with headaches, my nemesis is vertigo and dizziness. I have had periods of time where I’ve been vertigo - free for up to two years with only the odd dizzy patch. Currently going through a bad long stretch of dizziness. When I have full blown vertigo I can barely drink or eat anything so that’s covered and I have cut these out before with little impact.
Be interested in your thoughts - am I resisting the inevitable?

If I had a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, I would be on the floor holding on to the legs of the furniture to keep from spinning across the room, and then throwing up. How do you do it? I miss my coffee terribly,

Hi Tangled,

I’m sipping a Diet Coke as I type this, and I had a large cup of strong black tea this morning. Caffeine is not always a problem for me. Sometimes it is, but not always. Let me explain…

When I was in my final year of high school I took up drinking coffee to help me study and I started getting migraines more frequently. I stopped the coffee and so did the migraines. I didn’t drink any caffeine (other than a very rare Coke) until about twenty years later when I developed a taste for tea, which I now love.

Nowadays, if I am symptomatic, caffeine is bad. If I drink a Diet Coke or a Coke Zero and it’s like watching my migraine symptoms on TV - I can feel them vividily and rapidly escalating. So, when I am having a bad time with migraine, I stop all caffeine.

However, when I am well, I enjoy my tea and Coke! :smiley:

Triggers are an individual thing. There are some well known offenders and caffeine is one of them, but it doesn’t affect everyone. And for many people (such as me) it will affect me, but only when I’m symptomatic.

My advice to you is, as you are experiencing vertigo and dizziness (i.e you are symptomatic) I would suggest you cut out the coffee and alcohol for a few weeks and see if that helps.


To Spinning lady - its a mixed blessing - at least you KNOW what your triggers are and can avoid/plan for them.

thanks Victoria - I suppose to some extent when I am unwell these are small comforts to feeling so miserable… but it does make sense to lighten the load even if there is no direct improvement - just makes it harder!

It isn’t for me, and has never made things worse. I do drink mainly decaf with just a scoop of regular coffee in my morning brew, and then avoid caffeine for the rest of the day just to play it safe though. I use the Swiss water process decaf.

For me, coffee doesn’t change a thing. I stopped drinking it for 3 months and my vertigo and migraines didn’t improve.

I was told to avoid all caffeine and only have three cups of decaffeinated whatever in a day. Have generally stuck to this.
However, last year on holiday I kept seeing people drink iced coffee and debated for a while, and decided to have one. Two hours later I could nearly walk unaided, felt sick and generally rubbish. Had to go and lie down…on holiday!
Won’t be doing that again, I cen tell you!