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Is IBS a type of abdominal Migraine?

This article states that IBS is a form of adult abdominal migraine! Im shocked as since MAV started for me IBS has accompanied me too… would have never attributed IBS to MAV!

The gift that keeps on giving eh?!

Anyone else?!

Certainly describes my experience.

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Me too. During acute episodes i get stomach upset and sometimes it can be really bad. Took me a while to map it to migraine.


Thank you for your contributions guys!
It’s a very common condition then?! I have had it for years now on and off. GP told me it was due to the anxiety I was experiencing. I am glad I know differently now! Is there anything MAV doesn’t blooming cause!! :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:

Sometimes I have butterflies in my stomach like I am super nervous even if all I am doing is watching “Game of thrones”. That butterflies I figured is also a migraine symptom and I am sure it is not the “Game of thrones”.

I don’t know. GoT is pretty intense.

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It is :star_struck:

Really? I have never seen the programme if I’m honest but I have heard it can be pretty gripping?! :dizzy_face:

I get something similar but would describe it more like a jumping sensation in my stomach, almost like a heart beat but in my lower abdomen. :thinking:

Ick. I hate that one.

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Oh, I know.
If I lie flat I can see it through my top!
I did wonder if it was owing to muscle spasms relating to MS.

I suppose you could say it could be caused by any of the conditions I have! :flushed::flushed:

But there are other influences to consider. My (apparently inner ear sourced) vestibular trouble caused me hours long phases of stomach churning and the Amitriptyline gave me constipation (much like many of the drugs used for MAV). The stomach churning can be a combo of anxiety and presumably autonomic reaction not unlike when you go on a fairground ride too many times.

I had exactly that when watching GoT too! It’s not a very MAV friendly show to say the least!

IMHO that is anxiety.

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Could be, but mine happens as part of a pattern of migraine.

Naah James i have had the butterflies in my stomach coupled with nervousness randomly out of the blue many times and it is usually followed by or preceded by the IBS. And usually around this time the other members of the migraine symptom family will pop in and out.

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Oh me too, and that could be a mild/brief vestibular attack. Your anxiety levels raise in response (just like when you lose your footing on loose ground)

Ack, I hate that, too!

Spot on,

So they’ve decided IBS is some adult form of migraine have they. Not surprised. Sure it’s al, in there somewhere. Mine started episodically very late 2003, 72 hour attacks a couple a year (guessing here, no notes), then in 2008 it was I developed IBS type symptoms which was at first attributed to Gall Bladder, emergency admission to hospital, all tests except a scan (two scanners at hospital both broken for a month at the time - I have that sort of luck always). Told Gall Bladder to come out and waited months for hospital appointment (two files on the one job - looks like recipe for disaster to me - but both went ‘missing’, my luck again). Eventually, after huge phone bill, almost got to have the operation and they discovered no scan had been done. Did scan, perfectly healthy gladder bladder, “Go away” ‘it’s IBS’. Was it though. Unfortunately no diary notes but almost certain it - whatever it was - went away about the time the MAV turned chronic. Now perhaps ‘it’ sensed what was coming and fled. Or it could just have been MAV under a different guise. Fingers crossed, no trace since 2014. Helen

I suspect IBS is a form of autoimmune disease linked with over release or faulty metabolism of histamine in the gut. There is a non mainstream view that there is an overload of histamine in gut in conditions such as IBS and colitis, this alternative view is called histamine intolerance.
I myself struggle with conditions in which pathological amounts of histamine is released.

Wow Helen!

We are twinning well on the “luck” front!!
Although I still suffer from time to time since MAVs been chronic its a little more settled! Got to watch what I eat with it :flushed:

How is your hayfever? :sneezing_face: