Is It Just Me?

Or do you guys also look at the number of views vs. the number of replies in each topic?
Are there mavoyeurs out there or what? :lol:


Heather…‘mavoyeurs’, what a crack-up! And yes…I can lay claim to that! I like to read all the posts when possible each day, but I don’t always have much to contribute to the board as it might not necessarily be relevant to my particular experience. When I can, I chime in but all information is good information right? In my early days on this board, I never contributed because I found the stuff being posted was so much more interesting than my experience. Non members also have access to this board too right, and can look without adding anything unless they join? Perhaps they’re in search of what might be wrong with them and are not sure, or perhaps they’re diagnosed and trying to see where they fit it.
regards, Judy (mavoyeur! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Heather…i’m guilty of this too. :slight_smile:


Me too… :shock:


Hi Heather, Joe & Kim (and whoever is out there looking in (lol) 8)
just had to say that I have been a mavoyeur once again today, all really great stuff to read, can’t seem to add anything ‘appropriate’, but love the posts.

Will try to do better, but really do enjoy this new Mavoyeur thingy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Regards, Judy Mavoyeur!

I’m guilty as well. By the time I get to most threads now, they have already grown so much that I don’t have time to read them. When I do reply the thread is either short, or I have skimmed the replies and sometimes duplicate what others have already said, or the topic of the thread has changed from the original post and my posts get to be way off base from what the current topic is about.