Is it pointless to start Topamax at 12.5 mg?

Just starting Topamax after having a somewhat nasty reaction to propanolol. Since I’m spooked by that still, I cut my 25 mg Topamax in half tonight. But is that even worth doing? Will it benefit me in any way? Anyone start at 12.5 and then go to 25 and have success avoiding bad side effects?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Susia
I also cut my 25mg Topamax in half and started VERY gradually. I think I only increased by 12.5mg every 2-3 weeks so it took me quite some time to get to the full dose of 100 mg. It was worth it though , the side effects were not too bad and Topamax has definitely helped greatly.
Good luck!!

Anne x


Since the goal is to titrate to the lowest possible dose that gives you maximum benefit, and you have reason to believe you react strongly to meds, starting at 12.5 makes all the sens in the world.

Hope it goes well for you.


my neuro says he knows some patients who have benefitted with just 12.50 mg. i say go for it

Thanks for your replies. I’ve taken 12.5 for the past 4 days and am doing okay- no side effects and it might be helping a little- not sure. Will increase to 25 tonight and see how it goes.