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Is it possible never to have spinning vertigo?

Is it possible to never have vertigo? Rotational at least, with VM?

:knock on wood:


The problem with this question is there may be people who’ve not yet had it who might one day have it. So they may report they’ve not had it but that won’t provide any guarantee: it is a very common symptom. In general, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

This is surely so individual too?: personally speaking, it wasn’t one of my early symptoms and started later in my condition. Then it stopped and has never returned.

You may be lucky and get someone to post who is still on this forum and has had MAV for many years and no spinning vertigo yet. Or they may have left the forum years ago as symptoms have improved and got on with their lives.

Bottom line is nothing is certain. With MAV you are forced to confront uncertainty and live with a bit more of it than we are normally used to.

One final thought: don’t fear it: whilst it was annoying, could cause me to feel anxious and was disruptive it ultimately didn’t do me any harm and I always completely got over the post-vertigo ‘hangover’ (it’s almost always followed by a period of increased symptoms like imbalance for up to a week or two).

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Agree almost entirely. Some MAVers never seem to experience it. Erik, @anders, comes to mind and he’s had MAV a long long time. Personally it was my very first ever true MAV symptom and initially my only one. I could call it a feature I suppose. At first very very BPPV like lasting seconds then it jumped to 48 hour constant room spinning vertigo with accompanying vomiting and diarrhea and vertigo would continue as long as my eyes were open and I moved. That stage lasted years but once passed, and it would start abruptedly, always first thing on waking and last 72 hours, then Be Gone. Totally Gone until the next attack. No after effects at all not for more than ten years of episodic attacks, each totally self contained. Misdiagnosed and Untreated the attacks next jumped to eight days long and by now other symptoms were added including rear head pressure, light and sound sensitivity. Later again I started experiencing breakthrough symptoms between attacks but only experienced true vertigo twice away from home out walking and that was during withdrawal from Omprenozole. Since medication the vertigo became an extreme rarity. I have been on Propranalol for over five years. Plenty of symptoms since but from memory the last time I experienced true rotary vertigo was in July 2019 and prior to that January 2018 or so which would have been when I tried to stop caffeine totally.

So I am sure it’s possible to lose it completely eventually

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Hi. I am a long time forum member but don’t post very often but when I read your post thought I would reply. Spinning vertigo,rotational, like being on a merry-go-round is my worst symptom and one I wouldn’t wish on anyone! I have a history of migraines with aura and had the first 'spinning’attack about 30 years ago,not knowing what it was. Try not to worry about it happening because it could ruin your life and anxiety makes it worse.

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I definitely have a fear of it. Have you ever taken benzos during it? I always keep those with me just in case

I wonder if there is a way to avoid it or who is more prone to it. Did you ever take rescue medication

Now I’m more scared lol

No, There is no rescue medicine for vertigo as far as I am aware. People with MAV are very probe to experience vertigo. Vertigo can be part of the condition that is called MAV - Migraine Associated Vertigo. When I had full on Vestibular Attacks the vertigo lasted days on end every time I opened my eyes. If I lay down in bed, eyes closed and very still it would not happen. It would start again as soon as I either opened my eyes or moved in the bed. From memory I could move an arm OK but not my body or a leg. I spent so much time lying so still I developed bed sores. Preventatives to stop the attacks was the root to take so I took it.

Some people get Positional Vertigo. Only happens on looking acutely up or down for example or only when they sit up from lying flat in bed… Not adopting those positions would therefore stop it however many MAVers just get spontaneous vertigo which occurs at random so it isn’t possible to avoid it.

This whole relapse is obviously causing you much distress so I suggest you discuss it with your medical provider who is able to prescribe something to calm you down. All this anxiety is just making everything worse for you. Please seek further medical assistance

I never have taken Benzos. They are especially discouraged here in the UK because of their highly addictive nature. I carried Buccastem with me just in case which disolves in the mouth.

Yeah, it’s frightening at start, but after it’s happened so many times it just gets pretty annoying and boring.

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I did. I’m currently upping my Zoloft and taking klonopin as needed. My doctor said klonopin is a rescue med. the reason I’m so anxious is because I was dizzy free for almost 10 years

In the US at least with my doctor they prescribed me a benzo klonopin to help with the dizziness but only as needed

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Hi. Did you get it for hours at a time like I do?Its definitely nasty.

Please don’t be scared! I took a low dose betablocker and alternatives such as magnesium and b2. Always worth a try. There are so many reasons for it.

Did you ever take a benzo?

I have been prescribed lorazepam in the past. I took .5-1mg/ day for a few weeks at the most and then just as needed for bad days. It can be highly addictive so be careful if you do take them don’t take for too long.

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Did it help?

Yes, definitely. They are vestibular suppressants. Try it for a few weeks (or whatever your doctor recommends) to calm your system down, and it should also help calm your anxiety down too.

You can take it a few weeks?

Whatever your doctor recommends! I did take it a few weeks at a low dose and was ok getting off it. I could also tell the dose I was on wasn’t as effective anymore and I didn’t want to increase. Now I just take as needed, which has been awhile.