Is it possible to have MAV and BPPV?

Is it possible to have MAV and BPPV simultaneously? I was reading that it may be due to a genetic abnormality in your calcium channels.

Yes, no doubt!
“There have also been recent studies showing that there is a higher frequency of BPPV in persons with Migraine, as well as vice versa (Ishiyama et al, 2000; Uneri 2004), and about half of persons with BPPV onset before the age of 50 meet criteria for migraine.”

i am new to here but i can tell you for sure because i live with bppv( for many years) and mav (5 years ago went away and came back 2 years ago) and scd (new).
it’s not pleasent . right now i am off klonipin and doing the look but not eat diet and just started taking magnesium citrate and migra-x supplemnets.
i will be seeing the headache dr. in sept. but not sure after reading about the meds if i went to go that route. i am hoping the diet and supplements will hold me. the last month i had 2 bppv attacts but didn’t get the woozy as bad as the past.

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Is it possible to have MAV and BPPV simultaneously? I was reading that it may be due to a genetic abnormality in your calcium channels.

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Absolutely – please see the article I posted a while back here and read the notes:

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Dontfeelgood -

If you don’t mind me asking, whats in “Migra-x”? (I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds like something I take called Migrelief (magnesium, feverfew and riboflavin).

Also, what is “scd”? (sorry :oops: )


scd is superior canal dehiscence. not sure what ear it’s in because i went to 3 drs and got 3 different opionions

migra-x is a supplement that does have feverfew extract an other stuff in it…


When i was diagnosed at UCLA by Dr. Baloh…i asked him if it’s possible that i started out with BPPV and it grew into Migraine Equivalent…and he said YES. When i look back…i may have had both.


I was diagnosed with BPPV 6-7 years ago. I’ve had bouts of vertigo 2-3 times a year since. I figured that was what I was experiencing when the vertigo kicked in last October, but the vertigo didn’t go away after a few weeks this time and I had new symptoms. I was diagnosed with migraine in February. I often wonder whether it was migraine all along or BPPV and then migraine. I doubt I’ll ever know the answer for sure.

I could have written what Marci wrote. And my neurologist believes that it was migraine all along, and it makes sense when you consider that MAV mimics bppv. And many cases of MAV have been incorrectly diagonsed as BPPV. So, how does anyone know that you can have both when one mimics the other?
Personally, I think its a long shot that a person can actually have two or more vestibular disorders. I think its either one or the other with MAV being the more common condition. And if anyone has any doubts about that then they need to read David Bucholtz’ book “Heal your Headache”. Amazing information in there.

it’s all in the eyes. i was told that when it’s bppv your eyes jump. with me bppv comes first. i will turn in bed and will have a quick spin. i will go the rehb for them the check. the mav is when i don’/t have spins when i turn in bed but i have this awful feeling and woozy feelings that just doesn’t go away. bppv is not 24/7 but mav is.

John Carey says that according to Baloh, BPPV and MAV can occur at the same time.

I don’t think anyone knows for sure. I do know that I tried treating my ‘BPPV’ for years and it never worked. Even the vestibular physical therpaist I was seeing told me she doubted the whole BPPV thing with me because the epley never worked on me and I also had/have jumping eyes with it. You can have nystagmus with it (MAV) but the catch is suppose to be wether it’s down beating or up beating nystagmus. Whatever…I don’t think they know anything.

Julie…I think John Carey is right…i honestly believe for quite a few years i had both…but it initally started out as possibly BPPV. Dr. Baloh told me it could have begun with bppv and evolved into Mav.

For many years when i went to get a haircut or dental appointment…i would have to take anxiety med just before my appointment because because when they bring your chair down to check your teeth and or wash your hair…if not for the med’s i would get this sensation that the room was going to spin. Currently that sensation has calmed down quite a bit…but if i went back to a stressful job and bad eating habits i feel very certain the Vertigo would return…Big Time!



Another member of this forum who is not currently posting and does have BPPV and MAV describes the same type of thing, with the dentist chair going back - her husband is her dentist so she really gives him a piece of her mind if he isn’t careful :slight_smile:

she also avoids getting her haircut. I guess I thought it was because of the flo lights but maybe it’s that chair thing again.

How are you Joe, enjoying what’s left of your summer? what am i talking about, out there you have an everlasting summer :slight_smile:


I have BPPV type symptoms, same problem with the dentist chair that other describe amongst others. I have always had BPPV type symptoms but to a lesser degree when I was a kid: couldn’t do push ups or lay on my back on a hard surface without getting nausues. I have tested three times as an adult for BPPV and came up negative each time even though I still can’t look up at the stars.

The nuero who diagnosed me told me that it was common for people with MAV to experience BPPV type symptoms as part of the MAV, but not have actual BPPV.

Brian, thats what I am hearing too. This is the latest and some Dr.‘s are not up to date on the latest research about MAV. It can definatley feel like BPPV but not actually be BPPV. This is how I feel too. It use to be that I could not even get the dix hallpike because the vertigo was SO bad I had to sit up immediatley. Now I still get spinny when I lay back but I don’t get the nystagmus like I use to. It has evolved but at the same time stayed the same, if that makes sense.
In David Bucholz’ book he says that while he agrees that BPPV is a real enitity, especially for head trauma patients, it is much more common for migraine to be the cause of BPPV type symptoms. I’m going with that because just about everyone has experienced some form of migraine at some point in their lifetime and since BPPV is generally not associated with all the other neurological bells and whistles that MAV is, it should be easy to distinguish one from the other. I would not think both at the same time. And if so, that would be quite rare. Just my opinion (and my neurologist). :slight_smile:


Another part of the reason that I can self diagnose myself as not having BPPV (aside from two ENT’s telling me that I don’t have BPPV) is that the vertigo I experience is not rotational. I am familar with rotational vertigo from my drinking days - the dreaded bed spins - and from the caloric testing that I have had done. For me, when my head gets in the wrong postion, it is like I went into a sudden fall at a very high rate of speed. I also get extremely nauseuos and my eyes go into a high speed state of nystagmus.


Gosh, I can’t remember which direction the room spun when I had bed spins (many moons ago) but I know it felt similar to what I use to feel when I layed backwards with my BPPV type symptoms.
Mine just doesn’t feel the same anymore. For instance, just today I layed backwards and while I got REAL dizzy, I didn’t get the bad spinning like I use to get. And now my head feels like it’s in a vice grip. I never use to get that either. It just keeps evolving and changing. More often than not these days, I will start out real slow and be mildly dizzy the first couple days and by day three (today) I am substantially more dizzy. And also by this day the headaches have kicked in. So it seems like the dizzier I get the worse my head hurts. Can’t do a damn thing about it and I am pretty miserable right now even as I type this.

More depressing is tha fact that I watched my Olympic sport today and want nothing more than to be out getting myself ready for competition in our area and I can’t even get up off the couch let alone get on my horse. I am SO sick of this damn illness robbing me of my life. I want to cry, I think I will.

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I want to cry, I think I will.

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It helps, HT, plus Jenny tells me it helps your skin, so cry all you want. we all sure need a good cry. I know I do.



I’m sorry you are having such a bad time.

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Mine just doesn’t feel the same anymore. For instance, just today I layed backwards and while I got REAL dizzy, I didn’t get the bad spinning like I use to get. And now my head feels like it’s in a vice grip. I never use to get that either. It just keeps evolving and changing

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I just want you to know, I can relate so much to the “changing and evolving”. Its something I’ve said for a couple years now, and I find it very troublesome and hard to deal with at times. Just when I think I got it all figured out, it becomes totally different, some new symptom I never had, or haven’t had in a very long time, or something I had a long time ago suddenly reappears and its magnified 100x - the only difference now is that I know what it is. In some ways it makes it easier to deal with, at least knowing what it is, but not being able to do anything about it is the kicker. But, don’t give up, don’t let it win. You will get there. Really.

I can’t really back the “crying is good for your skin thing” (It plays Hell on my eyes - all puffy and swollen. Staying like that for days and days… I’ll get back to ya all on the skin thing, but I gotta believe, at least for me, what it does to my eyes at my age is downright scary :shock:)