Is it possible to heal MAV %100?

Hi all! my mav has started in October 2012 (OMG! suffering for 7 months) after experiencing accouple of stressful weeks. Just 20 days ago I started propranolol 20 mg once a day and an antidepressant called cipralex 5 mg a day. First week I was feeling better my vertigo reduced till %10, but now after a little stress it started again like %50. Does anyone has any idea if we can get rid of of this feeling or am I gonna suffer because of that all my life? I’m trying to keep on working because I dont want to lose my job but it’s getting harder and harder every day. :((

They say once a migrainer always a migrainer but it is possible to get to 100% but you might have to adapt your life. Avoid certain foods, avoid stress etc.

i am aiming to get to 90-95% that is more of a realistic target.

Do the others agree with this?

It s very difficult to adapt my life, to go to bed early, not to eat most of the the thing s i like (salt nuts chinese food etc) How come this starts suddenly… I d never had a headache before. Is this totally about our inner ears or is it a physiatric disease. each doctor says something different here.

As I understand it, it is about managing your threshold. You may never had symptoms before because all of your triggers were under your threshold. When this started in October, you may have been experiencing all of your triggers at once so your threshold was lowered. Now that it is lowered, it is harder to manage it. That is why it is important to recognize your triggers, be it environmental, physical, food, etc.

Does this make sense?

Himm that makes sense :slight_smile: thank you for your help to make me understand wats going on in my head :confused: do u think it a possible to raise my threshold again like before October? Otherwise this means that it will go on until i quit working. Because my worst trigger is stress (work place) how s yours going?

I find it hard to get my head around the fact that something shifts in the brain one day, entirely out of the blue and it’s a bloody nightmare to get it to switch back!!! xx

Dizzie LIzzie–I agree it is SO hard to understand! Although I “understand” it–I by no means “get” it!! :smiley:

Alspropis–I think if you can pinpoint the triggers you can control–it will help manage your threshold. Do find the Cipralex takes any edge off of your stress? Stress is a hard one to control and quite honestly it is the one that put me over the edge in February. I started to see a therapist and I have been listening to some meditation tapes. I am willing to try anything to lower my threshold. I also have a script for Xanax just in case. I haven’t used it for stress yet. I do use Rescue Remedy if I am starting to feel a little stressed and it takes the edge off.

I have not taken any meds for this yet. My doctor wanted me to just try diet to start. I have been doing the Migraine Diet-it is hard and restrictive but I have been feeling better. I am not dizzy most days (I may have a blip of dizziness during the day) and my headaches have reduced considerably. I still have issues with visual and audio stimulation, especially competing noises. I do have tinnitus–but is a low pitch so I do not notice all the time. My stamina is low–I have to really pace myself or brain lets me know I’ve done too much. I would say I am at 80-85% on most days. Some days higher and some days lower. I go back to the doctor in July to see if we need to add meds into the equation.

I think I was lucky because I was diagnosed quickly (week 7). I know you said the diet would be hard-but why don’t you start with a few things if you cannot eliminate it all. Start with the big ones like chocolate, caffeine and NutraSweet. It might be worth a try.

I think the first trigger is stress and the next is wind :o when the weather is windy i feel dizzy, ground is smth like rocking or moving. I cant really describe that feeling. I m really happy for you that u were diagnosed early. I was diagnosed 6 minths after it started. Most of the docs just said that it is physological and stuff… Finally i found a prof who diagnosed mav and gave me a diet and propranolol 5 mg ( half tablette). I have a control appointment next week. Btw is banana written in your diet?

my therapyst says i need to be patient and endure that dizziness then watch it goes away. Actuallt i cant be patient most of the time with that rocking feeling:/ She says mav has some similar points with panic attack ?!? Everyone says different things about vertigo getting me confused. And very few doctors really have an idea about migraine associated vertigo in my country. I m happy to find this forum for that reason :slight_smile: pls keep me informed about yours.

where do you live? I think you need to give the meds more time to work and also time to get up to a therapeutic dose. I think the 10% improvement that you saw initially may have been a placebo effect- these meds take several weeks to really kick in.

What country are you in? 1/2 of a Banana is allowed on the diet my doctor gave me–but it is not allowed on the Heal Your Headache book diet. Either way, I still eat a banana everyday. I did not give that up or a small yogurt. I have given most everything else up.

Good luck. It is not easy figuring all of this out! This site is full of great information.


There’s no cure for migraine. You were born with the genetic make-up and the genes have been expressed. The way to be free of it is through lifestyle management (trigger avoidance etc) and drugs if the first is not adequate. The drug part can be a pain in the ass but most find something that sits well with them and get on with their lives.

Keep at it. You’ll find the right combination eventually.

S 8)

well, so i need to get used to avoid going out with friends at night, work with %50 performance at work, spend most of my time at home otherwise i get tired and feel dizzy after that :confused: maybe i should at first accept this illness and stop worrying about that… it is hard to be that mature :slight_smile:

I started diet 1 month ago and got a bit better. I have been eating 1 banana everyday instead of chocolate and other things like crisps etc. maybe i shoul avoid that as well. And also i m taking vitamins called immunace incl lots of vitamins and minerals inside. I forgot to ask my doc if it is allowed or not? Do u have an idea about that?

Btw i live in Turkey :slight_smile:

Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know/accept that failure is inevitable.

After you research the heck out of VM, you’ll form your own opinion. I’ve read success stories where people say they’ve recovered 100%, sadly some unlucky few don’t. I asked my neurologist that once I find the med that works for me, stay on it and taper off is it possible never to have another symptom ever again.

He put it simply, why not? I’ve seen it before.

You and the story of Gerhard (read his success story under another topic) gave me courage. Maybe it is too early to anticipate %100 at the moment. I need more time and a long way to research about MAV…