Is marzipan a nut?

HI all

I was cruising along at my baseline and being good about what i eat and do etc…i know hormones affect me but i seemed to be at a pretty stable point until i decided to consume 1/4 bar of marzipan! And i don’t mean a small bar, i mean the type you buy to cook with so quite a lot! Anyway within 40 minutes the dizzies was ramped up and all sorts of spinny/faint feelings were going on and now the next day i feel just as bad.

Could it have been the marzipan seriously?!! Does it contain real almonds? Almonds are a nut trigger for anyone? Or would it be the huge amounts of sugar?
I’m not sure but i know i feel worse…quite a lot worse :frowning:

Oh and i forgot to add, my doctor has given me a prescription for stemetil for the dizzies…i had propranolol but i got very drousy and faint on them (perhaps did not give them long enough) and gave up. Anyone used Stemetil with any success?

Not sure about the marzipan - it is yummy though!

Isn’t stemetil a short term med that GP’s prescribe for inner ear dizziness or labyrinthitis. It isn’t a migraine preventative so even if it helps I don’t think it’s the best thing to use for long-term treatment of this x

Marzipan is actually almond, yes. It’s usually lots of sugar plus a paste of almonds made by grinding them real fine. Honestly, I don’t know what else is in there. Almonds don’t seem to trigger me (but things like walnuts do), but they seem to be a trigger for a number of people.

Stemetil is prochlorperazine, yes? It works wonderfully for dizziness and nausea for me, but I get such bad akathisia on it that I cannot take it. It’s usually a rescue med, as there are some nasty long term side effects - are you supposed to take it as a preventative?