Is MAV prednisone responsive?

Just curious if anyone has had any symptoms improve from a course of oral prednisone.

I have been diagnosed with many things in the course of trying to figure out what is making my ears (vision, balance, hearing, etc.) go insane, and now MAV is one of the latest things. And not the only thing I was diagnosed with, I might add; but the MAV diagnosis makes very good sense, in view of my history and symptoms.

My latest and worst episode to date seems to have been somewhat controlled by prednisone, so I am curious if anyone else has had success with this as well.

MAV and migraine in general sometimes respond to steroids. Noone is sure why exactly. Unfortunately it isn’t helpful in diagnostic terms.

What is happening with your hearing and vision? I’m guessing you’ve been through a work up for auto-immune disease?

Autoimmune is the only thing they have not looked at yet. Whatever specialist I see gets to his pet diagnosis and stops there. They are incompletely imperical. Aha, sounds like Menieres. Aha, sounds like labyrinthitis. Aha, sounds like you need a psychiatrist. Aha, sounds like you need more sleep. Aha, sounds like you need Vestibular Rehab therapy, which will resolve all your problems, case closed. I don’t trust them any more; they will have to work with ME and listen to ME, or I will not get the help I really need. I am fed up.

I have been through a saga about a decade long of misdiagnosis, being accused of malingering, etc. etc…the typical vestibular disorder gauntlet. My GP is negotiating with my insurance company to get me in to see some regional specialists so I can stop playing with the local cowboys.

They actually just found a small acoustic schwannoma in one ear, too. Let’s add more mud to the soup, why don’t we. The diagnosing doctor thinks this has nothing to do with my symptoms (! well, good for him). He thinks all my symptoms are due to MAV. He has me on verapamil 80 mg daily, and a migraine diet (his was on a photocopied sheet with misspelled words and the important information left out; I got a clue and bought a book). I have gotten MUCH worse since I have been on this program.

The specialist does not see anyone more often than every six months and isn’t interested in treating acute symptoms. I could go back there in 6 months and be deaf, and he’d go “tough luck.” Apparently he doesn’t think my hearing and ability to work are of much importance. So I returned to my family doctor since the specialist is treating me like a hamster.

I have acute episodes that produce severe inner ear inflammation which can be managed by prednisone. If I don’t manage them I get further hearing and balance damage. I get the prednisone from my asthma doctor and my GP knows how much I am using. I am just fed up. Until I can get some real help, I will help myself. Going to get my GP to get copies of all my audiograms and test reports and then I will get copies and send them out to specialists.

Well, to answer your actual question, my hearing a balance are slowly being destroyed. The right ear is the worst (the one with the acoustic schwannoma). And my vision is just slightly disturbed. It is hard to say what is going on, since the MAV diagnosis can’t be actually confirmed. The location of the schwannoma makes it certain that this is affecting hearing, but is is less likely the vision and balance are affected. So the real answer is that everyone is still guessing, which is the name of the game I have been in for ten years. Guess, guess, guess again.

Well, the head of the neurology department at a major university hospital thinks it’s MAV, too.

So I guess now I can say that inflammation caused by MAV responds to prednisone.

I also have documented that after three weeks on prednisone, my audiogram shows my hearing is almost perfectly symmetrical. I could hear everything on both sides. Two months ago, the right side was decidedly worse. So if I can get things under control again, I may be ok after six years of heck.

Just started tapering off the prednisone and all the banshees are coming right back. I am kind of between a rock and hard place.


Which university hospital was it?

I’m glad to hear your hearing is better. Baffling as to why though!

I’m assuming they have good reason to believe its MAV - usually the opposite mistake is made - they throw MAV patients into the Menieres pigeonhole despite no hearing loss.

You are certainly not the only one that has had improvement from Prednisone, but the fact that your hearing is improving is interesting.


Yes, they did that…this is year six of my loooooong story, and the fifth diagnosis.

It was a second opinion visit to University of Michigan. I think it’s a correct diagnosis. What to do about it is the problem. I am a bit of a mess.

I have migraine headaches, ocular migraine, and now have been diagnosed with this, vestibular migraines. All those lost days…it was migraine.

Or should I say lost years? And I wonder if there will be more lost years. How do I get control of this? Verapamil isn’t doing a thing other than make me horribly constipated and take down my blood pressure. The diet is restrictive and boring. And I keep getting worse by the day.

My general practioner’s office called today and they are sending me to a headache clinic that has a neurologist, psychologist, radiologist, vestibular specialist and a bunch of other people to help me. Hope they can patch me together again. I think I may have lucked out. I love my GP.