Is migraine a progressive disease?

Hi All,

Not to be the bearer of good news but the second article hypothesises that migraine may be a progressive disorder and should be treated else the damage continues to pile up. I’ve also included the original paper by the team who discovered brain lesions in migraineurs.

Scott 8)

I also suspected this! I know this is bad, but to me, I always thought of a migraine as kind of like having a mini heart attack on the brain. Very, very scary… :frowning:

I’ve always wondered about this, but I have to say, lucky for us migraine is common and lots of people have lived though the years with migraine and no ill effect. It’s definitely scary when you get migraine with aura that causes stroke like symptoms… and you do get worried thinking how can this be good for your brain!
On a brighter side for women…in a journal for the american association for cancer research…The relationship between migraine and significant reduction in breast cancer has been confrimed. The study found a 26% reduced risk of breast cancer in pre and post menopausal women with clinical diagnosis of migraine. How they can confirm that…who knows, but yeehah we can be happy that migraine helps us in reducing that risk…