Is my regular benzo causing the migraine & dizziness?

I’ve been taking all sorts of benzos for 20 or more years. For the last 8 years I’ve been getting daily bouts of headache, dizziness and very severe problems with attention and concentration.

Currently I’m taking a benzo at night to help me sleep. During the day I sometimes take a half the nighttime dose as a “rescue” drug. My daytime benzo does a LOT to improve my symptoms.

I’ve been wondering if I’m actually addicted to benzosand they have screwed with my brain so that I am now prone to daily migraine because of taking them. Perhaps when I feel dizzy and migrainous, I am actually in withdrawal from benzos.

I would welcome any views about this. Thank you.

I do know that both Valium and Klonopin actually have vertigo as a side effect, however I only had it with Klonopin, never Valium

One of the docs I see has warned me about complications of talking benzo’s long term. She said that a pt of hers was on them almost 10yrs and had
a hard time getting off of them. She decided to get off of them, because she was having so many wierd issues. I dont remember what they were.
I think memory loss was one.

Are there any articles online or case study’s research maybe.


My husband (who does not have MAV) was on a small dose benzo as a sleep aid for almost two years. He began to feel like he could not concentrate and had lost something mentally…was thinking altzheimers in the back of his mind. He decided to get off the benzo, and titrated very slowly off of it over 6-8 weeks. Since then, his brain has gotten better, he is sharper, and back to his old self again, and so glad to be off the benzo.