is there any hope?

Is there really hope once your brain gets to this level of dysfunction. I have 24/7 imbalance, dizziness, messed up vision, light sensitivity and ear pressure…

How can you live life like this for ever? I’m 29 i don’t think I can do this life everyday!

depressing i know

next med is effexor… does it even help dizziness??

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Now, come along. Cheer up. Life’s great. It waits til you are flat on the floor, feeling defeated and a total failure ‘just’ cos you cant seem to cope with a ‘few pills’, and then it really kicks you in the teeth and makes you depressed. You are young, all your life still ahead of you. Course there’s hope. You need to say to yourself, or even out aloud, ‘I’m young, I am strong, deep down I have the inner mental strength. I WILL kick this’. Dig deep, find your fighting spirit. Don’t waste energy on what’s happened. It’s behind you now. Better luck next time. Loads of people seem to do well with Effexor. Think you can too.

If it’s any help, I’ve been exactly where you are

And constant nausea, for months on end. You don’t mention that. How bad was your light sensitivity? Not as bad as mine I guess. A hat and 2 pairs of dark glasses and I still couldnt stand outside on a wet, dark winter’s day, one whole summer I never went outside until dusk, didnt dare see the sun, kept all the curtains/blinds drawn 24/7, couldnt watch TV, look at computerscreen for months, weeks in bed unable to stand up BUT, believe me, MOST of all this has, with the correct dose of a medicine I can tolerate and time (it’s coming up 18 months now) has GONE.

Oh, and I’m 29, plus some! So try to cheer up, find something you enjoy to distract you til you can start effexor, and stop beating yourself up about it. Be Kind to Yourself. It will end. Honest! Helen

PS: havent followed yr history. Have you tried to analyse what caused your MAV. Do a timeline. Look for links. Could it be stress, hormones. If you can establish some connection, it might just help you sort this further.,


I am 30 and I feel the same but from everyone on here it seems there is a lot of hope :pray:t3::butterfly:


@Onandon03 I just want to say thank you I needed to hear this today Helen you truly are a wonderful person . I needed to hear this I have the light sensitivity sooooo bad I can’t look at anything and driving at night forget it so the fact this has gone now gives me hope that eventually il dig my way out of this hell hole . I think it’s the fear for me of how long this has gone on for but I think maybe for most it takes a long time to get ur way back . I read this forum daily to keep my faith strong , I think you and @turnitaround are wonderful and I can’t thank you enough for helping me and everyone else get through this crap ! :pray:t3:


I know exactly what you feel like. But from my research most people slowly pull out of it as long as they keep trying. Soon enough it will be about 2 years of suffering for me, but I am lots better than when it all started. I just got back from camping with my family for a couple days in hot and smokey weather, didn’t feel that great but still managed to run a bit and wade into a cold river. Gotta stay connected with people and act like your old self as much as possible!

So, you most likely will NOT live like this forever. And the fact that you are 29 is a godsend, you are young enough to kick this thing quick and stay active. And, you will learn to not take life for granted - something that people in their 20s hardly ever learn.