Is this any type of Clue?

Quick question as I continue on my journey to get healthy…

Like many of you, I have constant 24/7 tinnuitis.

However, sometimes during the day, the tone will change (like a bubble just popped in my ear). The “normal” tinnuitis sound eventually comes back in about 1 minute.

However, for that one (1) minute…my head feels more clear and I am not nearly as light-headed / fuzzy.

I have taken medication to treat Hydrops in the early going, but you all know that I am the King of Metabolizing…so who knows if the meds even touched it???

Just wondering…does this suggest that I might have continuous fluid build up in my ears??


Todd, I was diagnosed with endolymphatic hydrops after the ECOG (hole in the ear) test and my ears behave like yours, well one of them does. I have tinnitus nearly all day every day and just occasionally there is a pop and one seems to clear and I can hear more loudly but it doesnt last long. They put me on Serc (betahistine) so many years ago I cant remember, but I still take 2 x 16mg a day every day or I notice more dizziness.


I used to think my ear pressure/popping thing was from fluid build up. (My ears ring 24/7, though the volume fluctuates, and my left ear is louder and more pressurey.) My ENT didn’t find anything (other than the MAV) to be causing it, though. And, I’ve decided he must be right, as the times when it pops (like what you described) are usually when I’m driving - often at the same location on the way to work (weird!), which I’m thinking is really some sort of air pressure issue. (Always makes me want to pull over and just sit there so my ears don’t plug back up… :wink: ) Plus, the worse I feel in general, the more pressurey my ears are (especially my left ear, and the entire left side of my head) seem to be, and the louder they seem to ring. Thus, I think the ear thing, at least for me, is just a weird MAV issue.