Is this mav? Or something else?

Yesterday evening, the kid had a spell where his hand felt numb, and then everything seemed to go blank. A few seconds later, he felt back to normal, but realized that the wrong song was playing on his iPod. He checked the playlist, and he’d missed hearing 3 songs, each over five minutes. It’s like fifteen minutes just disappeared.

We’ll call the neurologist tomorrow. But in the mean time, does that sound like something that can happen with MAV? Or does he have something else going on, too?


I have no idea what that is but I can tell you it has never happened to me.

That experience sounds more like a seizure of some kind. Obviously his doctor needs to know about that one… he may have a seizure disorder or just have had a seizure event brought on by side effects from meds…??? Please keep us updated. Sorry for your son’s struggles… you guys are such troopers.

Hard to say - just about anything can happen with MAV, but not something I’ve experienced myself. Good that you’re getting him in to the neuro soon. All the best and keep us posted.


I agree with the others , it dosnt sound like Mav to me.
it sounds more like siezure activity to me.
I zone out , but I never lose time like that.