Is this MAV

In march of this year the vertigo started. I was at the gym and boom I felt very dizzy. Went to the doctor who told me I had allergies. Started allergy meds and they made the dizziness worse. Since then I have been to numerous doctors being diagnosed with everything from a sinus infection to anxiety. I was on klonopin for months. Tried prednisone which made the vertigo go away. Recently I saw a neurotologist who performed multiple tests. I possibly have superior canal dehiscence but he said that’s not what is causing thing. My tests showed possible migraines but weren’t 100%. I am at a loss. I don’t know what to do anymore. I was wondering if others have just constant dizziness? I don’t have vertigo attacks, just constant dizziness. Pressure in head and ears and headaches some days.

Do you have a personal OR family history of migraine? If so, that makes the diagnosis of MAV much more likely. If you dont, then that still doesnt rule out the possibility of MAV.

I have heard that steroids like Prednisone can take away migraine related symptoms for a while. It seems that the majority of MAV patients experience preasure in their ears and/or head. What are your headaches like?

I would start the migraine lifestyle, diet, and medications. MAV is more likely than SCDS. Start with the simplest explanation for your symptoms first, then entertain other diagnoses.

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It always amazes me how some doctors just throw these diagnoses out there like that … Oh it’s allergies. Yeah right.

Headaches, pressure, constant dizziness = Highly probable MAV.

Is there a family history anywhere? Do you experience sound and/or light sensitivity? If so,it’s migraine.

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I don’t have many problems when it comes to light and sound. I did find out recently that I have a history of migraines on my dads side. I really didn’t think it was scds because it doesn’t ever get worse with loud sounds or anything like that. I have started the diet and am on Zoloft now to see if it helps any. Thank you do much for the responses. I really appreciate it.

Recently found out that I do not have scds. So that’s one thing I can cross off. Zoloft was working to improve my mood but now it seems to be making me more dizzy and I feel depressed again. I’m going to ask the doctor about switching me to a tricyclic to see if there is any improvement with the dizziness. Has anyone had luck with tricyclics?

Many people here have had luck with Nortriptyline, and a few of the other tri’s. Its definitely a first choice med. Id try that before an SSRI like Zoloft, but Im no doctor.

Hi, zoloft made me super dizzy and upped the headaches 10 fold! I found Cymbalta to work much better, it was not my “fix” unfortunately but it was much better than zoloft.