Is this migraine?

Hi all, I’m new here.

I’ve been suffering for oh…15 months now with something and I’m clueless as to what it is.

It all began immediately postpartum with my 5th baby. Within days I had a whole HOST of things happen - the worst of which was horrible headaches that lasted for 4 months, mingled with a drunken dizziness, and terrible, overwhelming anxiety. The least of it was other physical stuff - like weakness, tingling, inability to think or speak, exhaustion bordering on feeling like I was dying, etc…TONS of stuff.

I originally thought it was my thyroid, which is gone so I am on sole medicine replacement, and my thyroid numbers (labs) looked pretty miserable.

It was also clear it was postpartum anxiety, which didn’t really surprise me because I’ve had postpartum depression twice before. And I still have lingering depression to this day.

Eventually, over about 6 -10 months, the other symptoms disappeared, but now I’m left with an all day every day feeling of being dizzy (but not like I can’t drive or walk), drunkeness (as though I’m loopy and out of it), spaced out, heavy-headed, somewhat light-sensitive mess. I feel like I’m often in a mental fog, as though my entire brain is fatigued.

What I am curious about is if this is, in fact, MAV. I have NO history of migraine. NO history even of headaches. NO history of motion sickness.

This just seemed to appear out of nowhere.

I don’t know if I should approach this now as if it is migraine or if it is depression.

I had to post that because my computer is doing something weird when I type too much.

So, a bit more:

My ears often feel full too, like they need to be popped. One doc DID tell me I had fluid in them and that fluid can be from still not being optimally treated for my thyroid. Whatever… No ideas there.

I also have moments where the lights are just too bright and I need to reset my brain and wear sunglasses for a bit.

And, when all this started, my neck and shoulders were unbearably tense, but not so anymore.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Sounds like migraine to me, at least a lot of it. MAV can definitely be caused by hormone changes (mine started after going on the birth control pill). I rarely get headaches with MAV. I also had hyperthyroidism which started around the same time that MAV did (I had my thyroid killed off, now I’m hypo and take meds to be normal). Some of the other symptoms like the fatigue and weakness definitely happen to me when my thyroid is off.

A lot of people with MAV go on antidepressants for it, so it sounds like that might be a good option for you.

Hi Camirae,

Your symptoms could certainly be due to migraine, but they could also be from any number of other conditions. Migraine mimics many other conditions and is a diagnosis of exclusion - there’s no magic test which will pop out an answer of ‘migraine’. You really need to get yourself checked out, to investigate migraine you need to see a neurologist or neurotologist, one who really ‘gets’ migraine.

There is a section on the forum which lists many of the experts in the field so hopefully there will be one near you. Alternatively, if you are happy to post whereabouts you live other members on the forum may be able to recommend a doctor or medical centre near you.

Could luck and hang in there. Five kids - wow! :slight_smile: