Is this Sensorineural Hearing Loss?

Hi All,

My ENT and Doctor are trying to work out if I have MAV, Meniere’s (MD) or both…one discriminator I understand is hearing - my spouse has complained my hearing is getting much worse and I often have to ask people to repeat themselves. Some days are worse than others.

I have many of the diagnostic criteria for both MAV and MD including (but not limited to) tinnitus (cicadas) all the time and ear fullness/pressure to the extent it hurts on bad days - I am sensitive to weather (so my spouse has noticed)…I am unsteady to varying degrees most days in between real bad days, I have tingly feet constantly and rarely (once every couple of months) I see white light flashes for a couple of seconds - but the white light things are only every couple of months.

Some days are just downright nasty - like yesterday, tinnitus got loud, I felt off shortly after I got up, loud sounds were real unpleasant, had a dizzy spell (spinning) in the car (was a passenger) when it was parked for 5 - 10mins…was wiped out when we got home and had to sit down before I fell down and ended up in bed by 5pm as I could no longer function. When these events occur (every week or two at present and feel like crap on days in between) I often have nausea - however I have always had a very high tolerance to motion having been a commercial diver, skipper and pilot - motion has never worried me.

Re my hearing…

In 2011 my hearing loss was minor (10db) in low frequencies and mild to moderate (up to 45db) in high frequencies

In Nov 2013 my hearing loss in low frequencies was around 20db with mild to moderate (up to 50 db) in high frequencies - the bone hearing in both ears faithfully followed by air hearing (albeit within 7db at all times)…ENG test results were fine (I didn’t feel dizzy when they did this).

In Dec 2013 2 weeks after the above test my hearing loss in low frequencies was around 25db with mild to moderate (up to 50db) in the high frequencies.

My question is the above flucatations I expericance and steady decline in hearing loss (now documented with audiometrey) sensorineural hearing loss??

Mark :smiley: