It possible to over do it even on meds?

Hi, I’ve been trundling along on Lyrica, admittedly upping the dose which has enabled me to do far more…however having really pushed my self over the last 3 days , the symptoms are leaking through. I wonder if it is still possible to over do it on meds or is it simply that my brain has adjusted to the meds?

Hi Fiona
Saw your post a few days ago… Yes, it’s still possible to overdo it even on meds. Think about it… it’s possible for “normals” to overdo it even if they do not have MAV. “Normals” get tired or sick at times. And, even other “Normals” have other kinds of health conditions: allergies, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. and then there are the other chronic health conditions such as lupus, MS, chronic fatigue, fibro, etc. and ALL of those patients definitely can overdo it very easily. SO - welcome to the world of having to be very vigilant in your lifestyle, diet, meds, etc. Unfortunately our meds do not give us immunity or a cure from triggers and the core causes of our MAV…even if we are not quite sure what they are.
It’s quite the challenging condition. Hang in there and keep up the good work.
Gail : )

Hi Fiona,

I’ve reached a position where my MAV is a lot more stable and I can do most things now, but I definitely still know if I’ve overdone it! I was away with work two weeks in a row, and did several things my MAV doesn’t like (went up and down 15 floors in an elevator, travelled a lot more than usual, slept badly and got really tired), and my balance etc was definitely affected by this, and it took about a week for things to settle back down again.

So yes, I think you can still overdo it even when you’re on the right medication.

Thank you. I’ve ramped the meds up to 600mg as far as one can go on lyrica therapeutically speaking. I will see if the symptoms still seep through then start to come down the dosage since my consultant only diagnosed 150. Then I might shift the weight I’ve put on, be able to sleep properly and above all think. I miss thinking.

Fiona - I’m on Lyrica - 175mg twice a day - the neuro has written to my GP to say I can go up to 600mg a day, but my GP is not very helpful in terms of how to build it up! Some days I feel ‘ok’ and then do too much and I can feel it. Even if you feel ok on the meds I think you still have to be careful! I have to say the too much now is nothing like the normal activity I used to do!
Also after 10 years me and my lovely man are taking the plunge and getting married next year - after how ill I’ve been and seen how he has supported me I can’t wait to be his wife! However, just in the last couple of weeks looking at venues I can feel the stress making me feel ‘weird’ and I’m thinking if it makes me feel like this now then how will it be when I actually start booking stuff!
For those in the UK I’ve told him to apply for ‘Don’t tell the bride’ and then he’ll have to do all the organising and I’ll turn up! He says he’d make poor telly though as we’re both so boring! :lol: