Its called MAV.... Not MAD...?

Maybe Im looking into this too much, but my confusion with this whole DX is that it is Migraine associated Vertigo.
My vertigo was from BPPV and happened twice. I know alot of people start that way etc… but, it doesn’t explain how
regular dizziness is actually part of the MAV.
Quite a few people on here, never even had vertigo, only chronic dizziness, so why and how do they get a MAV dx.

Im trying to be more open to the idea, that is is my “real” diagnosis, but Im a black or white girl and this is way to much gray
area for me to not question.

Vertigo is true spinning, whereas if you look up dizziness, it list rocking, swaying. False sense of motion is somewhat in the middle…
so when I feel like Im moving, or the ground is mildly moving, wtf is that!?

And I will throw in this not related to the dizziness, but when I stand up from a sitting position, I get this wierd air like pressure in my upper
back, neck, then goes to my head last for up to a minute. My husband said he felt something similiar to that when he has a migraine.

Also, when I look in the mirror, I can see myself, it looks like me, but far away or unfocused somehow, Im so confused…

I had my second pt visit for cervicogenic dizziness, and well the PT is leaning toward MdDS or MAV now…

So okay, Im getting ready to jump on the MAV band wagon, and hope for a good ride. Please answer the above questions, I appreciate it!


False sense of motion is somewhat in the middle… so when I feel like Im moving, or the ground is mildly moving, wtf is that!?

As far as Im concerned, any type of false motion is vertigo. The vast majority of MAV patients have some type of experience with vertigo, whether it be spinning, rocking on a boat, the floor moving, etc…

The term MAV is merely a term of convenience. When speaking with someone unfamiliar with this diagnosis, I will call it migraine associated vertigo and dizziness.

Vertigo, according to the emedicine article on MAV, “is an illusion of movement of the environment or of the patient in relation to the environment” and doesn’t have to involve any sensation of spinning at all. Many lay people who use the term “vertigo” incorrectly assume that it means there has to be a feeling of spinning. I’ve never once had a sensation of spinning.

Actually, the doctor who diagnosed me was one of the authors of the emedicine article on MAV, and he did prefer the term Migraine Associated Dizziness - but apparently most of the other co-authors currently use “MAV” so that’s the title of the article.

“Vertigo is an illusion of movement of the environment or of the patient in relation to the environment” and doesn’t have to involve any sensation of spinning at all.

I agree, most people immediately think of vertigo as the world spinning around you & therefore losing your balance & often call it ‘true vertigo’ which is confusing. Maybe this definition, or maybe a bit more detailed, would help those who are looking at this forum and possibly put up as a separate topic. I know when I first had MAV I didn’t know any other description of vertigo - I’d had the ‘world spinning’ expereince after some physio on my neck and couldn’t understand that my ‘wobbles’ were in fact, vertigo. Took some time to put two & two together!!

I’m just going by the medical definitions online, and they say true vertigo is spinning, and not to be confused with imbalance, or dizziness…

But MAYO says this:
Vertigo — the false sense of motion or spinning
Lightheadedness or the feeling of near fainting (presyncope)
Loss of balance (disequilibrium)
Other sensations such as floating, swimming or heavy-headedness

Which makes me feel better, because that is a trusted site compared to most, but then the other most trusted site says:

Vertigo—is a feeling that you or your surroundings are moving when there is no actual movement. You may feel as though you are spinning, whirling, falling, or tilting. When you have severe vertigo, you may feel very nauseated or vomit. You may have trouble walking or standing, and you may lose your balance and fall.

I just wish it was more clear than this. Or it was called Migraine associated Dizziness, yes I’m totally anal. I have a hard time with gray area’s. But this def. helps!
What about the pressure feeling, and the disconnect while looking in the mirror??[/size]

Just want to say that when you have real vertigo you will know it.It is like suddenly being thrown into a merry ground that is moving at super fast speed perhaps after you just got off a roller coaster and having had a couple of drinks for good measure.

I unfortunately have had both the vertigo and the off balance rocky dizzy thing. With the latter I can probably walk ,with vertigo am holding on to something or am on the floor.I hope you never have to experience vertigo if you never have.

Mav can cause all type of weird symptoms ,for me a lot of them are sensations in the neck and head.Perhaps the mirror thing is anxiety. Feelings of detachment and unreality are all anxiety indicators.

Thanks James, I have had real vertigo, twice now, dx as BPPV. That is why I have a hard time with the V in Mav, because mine was BPPV cured with Epley.
But since then I have just an off feeling. Great balance. Just feel off in my head, and feel like im moving slightly, like a sway or the floor looks like its moving, slightly. That is why was having a hard time with this dx, because alot on here, have chronic dizziness, but never vertigo, and the V is vertigo, and true vertigo is Spinning. But like I said, even Mayo clinic states the definition more then spinnning, so I guess maybe I do have MAV.


Not so much a headache, but VERY aware of my head, like its just not right. Like sometimes it feels pressure and then no pressure change in a quick second.
Weird sensation… Back of my head.
Vision disturbance, not blurry, but hard to focus on the computer and read.
Chronic dizziness, at different levels during the day. Feeling of moving, or things slightly moving, but not spinning.
Pressure in back, and head upon standing.
Extreme anxiety/stress due to this whole mess and a fair of laying down, due to that is when I had both BPPV episdoes, in bed.
BETTER when walking and driving!!

Oh, Kristina, I’m right there with you.

MAV does make you MAD.

I wish I had answers for you but I don’t. Sadly I’m at my wits end with all this and I don’t know where to go next. I wouldn’t focus so much on the V in MAV. Like someone else replied any sense of movement can be considered vertigo. I know that true “vertigo” is spinning but Dr. Hain refers to all kinds of false motion to be considered vertigo.

However, when I look in the mirror it always seems a little off too.

I think there are several names for what we have. MAV, vestibular migraine, or MAD. It’s really all the same. I definitely think that this has been asked in a prior post, but I wouldn’t know where to find it. I used to get hung up on the name too. I don’t have vertigo, just the everyday off balance feel, and the brain over-stimulation. I still don’t know what to say when people ask me. I usually just say its migraine.

Don’t get hung up on the label.Some researchers I believe think that BPPV is related to migraine.As far as standing up and feeling the weird pressure in your neck and head,perhaps it’s just the change in blood pressure combined with tight muscles from whatever,migraine,stress,sitting in front of the computer,etc.
As far as the off balance feeling I find that it is very important for my balance system to walk every day.Trains the balance system,can reduce stress,etc.
Hope things get better for you!Better for you too elishat27 .