Its formal I have MAV

I got a letter throught the post today from the testing centre all tests were normal bar a borderline caloric test.
It says to conclude patient almost certainly suffers from migrainous vertigo and will benefit greatly from VRT therapy so have been reffered for that hopefully but am going through some crap now as the ENT discharged me and wont send me for VRT as I dont fit criteria but neuro-tologist feels I need it so its gone back to GP to get sorted.

ANyway thats it Im now a an official MAVER ! :?

Congratulations! and welcome to our exclusive club! LOL!
I think just putting a name to it and understanding what is happening to your body during a MAV episode is half the battle. For me it does take some of the anxiety out of it.
Hopefully you get things sorted out with your drs.

Good on you Blondie,
I happy you have a diagnosis, and hope it makes you feel more at ease.