It's My Dark Day

I refer to April 30 as my “dark day”. 4 years ago today was my very first vertigo attack. I had just been hanging out with my boyfriend (now husband), didn’t feel well so I went back to my apartment where I was alone, and after a couple minutes I was literally slamming into the walls and then fell to the ground, the room was spinning so fast. It was the scariest day of my life, I thought I was dying and I was alone, and I’ll never forget it. It’s when this whole mess with BPPV and MAV started. I always get a bit sad when April 30 comes around.

At least this year, I can say that I’m feeling better overall. Not 100%, but better. Of course, the fertility treatment injections and other fertility meds I’m currently on are not helping matters, but I’m determined not to let my MAV get in the way of my dream of having a child. You gotta live life, right?

cassada I think its normal probably to reflect on our first vertigo attack. Life changes after that point and I sure do miss the life I had before mine.

I dont know the date mine was but it has played out in my mind countless times. The feeling of something being completly out of my control happening. The beginning of a long journey.

Im glad that this year on your Dark Day you are feeling so much better. Best wishes for you and your husband. You are so right we gotta live life and not lose hope.

I can understand that I will dread september coming around for me because by then it will be a year erghhh maybe I will be better by then , heres to optimisim! :smiley:
Im glad your better than you were , nothing is forever and I do feel you will continue to improve over time Keep the faith .

Donna xx