Its over. (Admin: no it's not! Far from it!)

Hi all. I have been obsessing over this forum and know its not good for me. Im now afraid i may have menieres d. 2016 hearing test mild mid tone 2017 same hadnt changed believe it to be from birth but The pressure and pain in both my ears it on and off last 2 weeks and last 2 days pain pressure so bad. i fear an attack will happen.Its been chronic for 2 days but started 2 weeks ago and now got nausea. Never got that. My mind said omg wtf is going on am i decling will it continue to get worse. 10 years of this hell and getting worse and i still dont understand vm or what it means or is. I fear as i get older this will get worse. I feel alone and no one has empathy or will listen without feeling like i have annoyed them. I lost all my friend. Anxiety now health anxiety cripples me. Ive done all the therapy but the feeling of symptoms cripple me. How do ppl get vertigo and stay calm i think. Ive had so many tests and still confused.The sensation of the spin and fear attached to it. The ptsd. How can i do this. I think what if i had mav now i have menieres. Whats to say i have md how do i find out or what do i have to have wrong with me. I got a panic attack and now i have them nightly after i feel dizzy. I think will that be me get worse and not cope. This is not life. Im alone. Iv really complained on this site but im so helpless because i dont know what to do with my life my soul and am i wasting time seeing another neurologist. I just want to eat what i like without the fear. Travel without Fear . Be free… I now have an eating disorder from this and feel its the end for me because everything i eat i feel will this give me vertigo!. Im sorry everyone i am. I have no real answers or understand the condition why it happens. To see ppl be on meds and still feel like rubbish terrifies me. A future of no mav then mav no mav mav gets worse??

We all obsess over the internet and Mr. Google at some stage. If you need to, take a break.

However you have also received some extremely positive and good advice. And haven’t taken it?

But equally there are people on meds who’ve seen huge improvements.

@Naejohn is a case in point. (sorry to single someone out, but she was a bad case only months ago).

I definitely found things much easier on meds and went on to almost fully recover (still in progress).

Ane, go see your doctor and request counselling. Or have you taken this advice and taken action?

Stop obsessing Ane and TAKE ACTION!

We all know it’s hard, but sometimes life is hard. Stand up to the punches! You can fight it!


Thankyou so much for caring im in such a dark place. You say you are still recovering. What if it comes back. I was perfect for a yr and now hell has returned.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but it’s clear you are in extreme psychological distress. I hope in our private messages I didn’t make you feel like you were being annoying, because you weren’t. I really felt sorry for you and share a lot of the feelings you have about doubts about my future.

I really, really hope you will go and speak to your psychologist about all this. I really think that doing this and some psychiatric meds could be a great help for you. There’s no shame in it - I’m on Effexor myself as of a few weeks ago, and I barely had any depression at all.

Stay strong. D

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Having it come back is extremely hard. That has happened to me once and then it didn’t leave me for 3 years. I thought I’d dodged a bullet originally. I clearly had not.

Life is full of uncertainty. Perhaps for the first time in your life you are now facing uncertainty. How you deal with it could be the making of you.

It was a massive total life changing experience for me, as it usually is for anyone with it. But you learn new things and it brings new horizons.

I suggest you do take a break from the forum and the entire internet for a while, but please go see a good caring doctor and ask for counselling. That was really truly helpful for me during my worst worst times and it will help you I’m sure.

We’ll be here if you need us.


I have been im on my 3rd one in 4 years. Its doesnt help me as i fear the symptom. The symptom terrifies me. Therapy doesnt fix that as i panic about vertigo.

But perhaps they could help you overcome your fear of meds.

If you take meds, you may no longer have any symptoms to fear!

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I fear menieres or if i have it and they missed it. I fear getting worse as i age.

Also, if you take psychiatric meds, the fear may be significantly less extreme

You need to change this mindset. It’s not killing you. It’s just a set of sensations. They are really annoying and disruptive but you must learn to keep calm when they happen. No-one is pointing a gun at you when they happen.

At worst, it’s the body being imperfect. You are just flesh and blood - an amazing but sometimes imperfect machine. Roll with it. You are not perfect? Who knew?!


Perfectly natural to have those fears. But you can’t let them paralyse you and get in the way of living the best life that you can. This is where counselling and medication may be very helpful for you

Psychiatric? Im only like this because im so scared of vertigo sensation.

That doesn’t mean that psychiatric drugs won’t be a useful tool for you!

:slight_smile: Psycho-active is probably a better word :slight_smile:

(especially for the doses most people take for this)

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I never had an anxious moment until I got MAV, either. But we both have it now - and we have to make the right choices to give ourselves the best quality of life that we can. In my view, that will involve medication and counselling for you - and psychiatric medication may be a helpful adjunct tool as well.


I could take all the pills but the sensation of vertigo is what scares me. Pills wont change that .

Absolutely. I’ve taken a bunch of them at different doses and they’re really not as scary as it seems beforehand

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How do you know?

I dont but i want to be free of this. Im addicted to having tests seeing drs i dont know what to do. Is ear pressure pain chronic for 2 weeks chronic tinnitus vertigo i sleep all just Mav??? I feel something wrong

Why do you not.fear vertigo?

Yep. We all want you to be free of it too, that’s why we’re here giving you the best advice we have based on our own experiences and those of our friends on this site.

I’ve had all of those symptoms and worse for 3.5 years without a break. It’s certainly possible that those symptoms can all be caused by MAV. It’s so natural to doubt your diagnosis with an illness like this, because there’s no test tht can definitively prove you have it.

The only scientific evidence we have is that people are likely to improve their symptoms if they take medication. There are definitive tests for that and that is what they have shown.

I am definitely scared of Vertigo. Probably more so than many others on this site. But the difference between you and me is that I am not letting that paralyse me into not taking the best, most evidence-based choices to improve my scenario.

Please do the same. To recap: that will involve trialling medications, getting more counselling for the psychological problems that vertigo is causing you, and - only if you choose - using psychological medications as a tool to keep you chill in the mean time.

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