Anybody know anything about how the Mirena IUD might affect MAV? :?:

Im looking into this as well, and posted something similiar under Birth control.

I actually called Mirena yesterday and here are the statistics: 7.7% got Headache/Migraine and less then 5% had dizziness.

From what I have read and been told it can go either way. Help it or hurt it. However, most women it eithers helps or doesn’t change anything.

My OBGYN knows my fear of anything that may or can cause a h.a or dizziness. She said not one of her patients has experienced either and she strongly recommends it. Now if you look at the review online there bad or okay. I dont believe anything I read anymore for the fact that for the most part, the only people that really post a review about a medication are usually the ones that had a problem. Most people that are doing great, dont post, they do not even think about posting. (talking about other websites, not this one. and in general) I have another appt. with my doc next Friday to discuss it further, as I have figured out my dizziness gets worse right before, and the last 2 months I have gotten a h.a too. So mine may be hormone related.