IV DHE and occipital nerve block

Not sure where to put this post as I don’t know what dhe is, but have any mavers had any relief from iv dhe?

Also, anyone tried occiptal nerve block injections??


My doctor wanted me to consider occipital blocks if my daily headaches didn’t subside. He does them all the time. THe medicine that I went on (amitriptyline) stopped my headaches cold within days…so I didn’t need to do it.
I think it’s more of a nerve block, and not really a chemical thing. Which is what i think I needed…I believe my stuff was chemical imbalance and I’ve figured out meds to put back what I was missing…hence me being better.

Really hoping ami stops mine too… Did u really find success in two days?? How did you find it was on your dizzyness? X

The Ami didn’t do much for my dizziness, but the headaches went away fairly quickly, and have since stayed away. I switched to Cymbalta, and it helped the dizziness to about 80%…then the Klonopin and promethazine have me close to 95% most days…
I found Ami was easy to get off and no side effects except for a little extra dizziness when I first started it. I also started at 5mg and worked in 5mg incrments up to 20mg…it didn’t do too much for me.