I've been diagonsed with MAV but still worry it's not

Hello I’m new here
I’ve had my symptoms for 6 years now it all started when I was 15 I would get the occassional dizzy spell but with time it got worst and became chronic dizziness I’ll tell you my symptoms dizziness 24/7 feeling
Of unsteadiness and sometimes feel as if I’m going to faint, when I walk I feel like i’m contastly going towards the right side, i sometimes get headaches but not very often, I don’t really get any visual distrubances but ever since I’ve had this problem my eyesight has become poor and have to wear glasses all the time, sometimes my ears feel full and can hurt, even when sitting down or laying down I get dizzy just sitting here now I feel as though my head is falling back or being pulled to one side, I sometimes get numbness and things can look futher away then they are. I also have become very anxious I don’t like walking on my own as I feel dizzy and get scared, I get palpitations and sometimes cheat pain and I worry alot about becoming dizzy. I still can drive as I don’t get dizzy much whilst driving so am still able to get to work. Some weird experiences that don’t happen often the floor I’m walking on can sometimes feel as though it drops and I’m walking on air. Flying in a plane also makes me very dizzy but only for take off n landing. I’ve been on a diet and tablets which helped and have been discharged from my ENT 6 months ago but now it’s all back again I’ve started my diet again but still suffering ATM I’m sorry for such a long message thanks for reading

Hi amy, welcome to the forum,

Did they start you on any meds? There’s a good chance that with the right diet and some meds, you’ll be fine in no time.


I’ve been on med and diet previously but dr took me off both as I was feeling better but I’ve now put myself back on the diet as I feel dizzy all the time
Are my symptoms similiar to anyone on here I’m worried I have a heart problem rather than MAV

Hi Amy and welcome to the forum,

Your symptoms sound EXACTLY like MAV. It’s quite normal to worry that you have something else, but MAV is a diagnosis of exclusion - meaning they’ll usually test you for a bunch of other stuff first before settling on MAV. So you should put your mind at ease about that. The only reason to be concerned about your heart is if no investigations were done - what tests have you had? As for your symptoms coming back, well, I guess you’re unfortunately not in remission. If the diet alone isn’t helping it’s probably time to go back on the meds. What were you on?


I’ve had a routine ECG at doctors but everything was fine but I heard ECG sometimes can show nothing even if something is wrong
I was on protizene I think that’s how it’s spelt
The symptoms of MAV make you feel like your going mad sometimes lol