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I've been officially diagnosed with menieres disease

It’s been a long hard road, but I’ve reached the end. I was diagnosed with MAV about two years ago and have struggled with the violent vertigo attacks, tinitus, pressure build up in my right ear, and ultimately significant hearing loss. I’ve gone through about a half a dozen different MAV medications as well as the migraine diet. Nothing. No improvement or even reduced severity of my symptoms. I went to a new ear doctor/vestibular neurologist this month and he ran many tests and concluded that I have meneires disease. I’m now being treated for it. Thank you all for your help and support. I’m off to the meneires disease group now.


Do you have episodic symptoms ? Sorry to hear, hope you get well.

Sorry about such diagnosis but maybe now you’ll be treated for the right thing and finally see improvement!

Best of luck Mike

Thanks. My Hope is that none of you have to go through what I did - 2 years of being treated for the wrong diagnoses.

For me, it was getting ear pressure, vertigo attacks, and loud buzzing tinnitus several times a month, every month. My hearing would fluctuate and ultimately got worse. I’ve now got permanent hearing loss in my right ear.

It does sound very similar to what my mom went through and she’s diagnosed with Menieres …she’s been on remission for a few years and I don’t even want to think about it coming back, she went through a really rough time.

Praying it all gets better for you

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Diana21, thank you.

Glad you have a diagnosis and will get the right treatment.

I’m sorry to hear of your Meniere’s diagnosis, though good to know what you are dealing with. I was diagnosed with it 4 years ago and have not found anything that helps. I do know that stress and high sodium meals make it worse. So I’m curious what your Dr. is doing as far as treatment for you. Wishing you all the best, Janet

From Dr.Hain Meniere’s page

Interesting, this is exactly what I do. I was hoping for something preventative, but seems there is nothing except limit stress and sodium.
Thank you,

I thought Serc, aka Betahistine, was The Menieres treatment? Helen

Did you see the preventative flowchart with diuretic, betahistine and verapamil ?

unfortunately it’s not available in the US.

Thanks for the heads up. Now I see it. My Dr. just doubled my dose of Verapamil since the first 7 weeks on it has not helped. Cautiously optimistic that the higher dose will help some. Glad to see my Dr. is following almost to a T the recommendations in the flow chart.

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Peculiar that, isn’t it. Dr Hain of Chicago using Betastine if it’s not available in the US? His articles usually list such discrepancies. Helen

I wasn’t aware of that. Unfortunate. Always surprised by the differences in medication availability that occur and also why when one country has fully tested a new drug for years and passed it others feel the need to Reinvent The Wheel and, instead of taking it as read, start all over again carrying out their own tests!

Found these. Don’t know it might be worth further investigation. Betahistine seems prized amongst Menieres folk in UK. Helen

Being one of those irritating bodies who never takes ‘No’ for an answer, I just found this which might be of even more use! Helen

Thank you very much for the information.

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